Summer Renovation Tips for Your Condo

If you’re planning to renovate your Pomona, CA condo for summer, now’s a good time to choose your projects. By planning ahead, you can ensure your condo will be ready when family and friends come to call. These tips from THINK Insurance & Financial Services offer some renovation ideas to help you get started.

Update Kitchen Appliances

Sometimes all your kitchen needs for a new look is to update your appliances. New, energy-efficient, smart appliances are sure to improve your kitchen’s function and add value to your Pomona CA condo.

Paint Interior Walls

A fresh coat of paint will make your walls pop and add color to your environment. You can choose colors that complement or contrast your décor to set the mood for living spaces within your condo.

Modernize Bathrooms

Modernize your bathroom by replacing an old vanity, adding tiling to walls, and swapping outdated faucets and lighting with contemporary designs. Complement these fixtures with attractive accessories like trendy bath towels, bath mats, and shower curtains to create the look you desire.

Install Ceiling Fans

Install ceiling fans in strategic locations to keep living spaces fresh and cool and add a decorative touch to your environment. Today’s fans come in all kinds of sizes, styles, and colors and are reasonably priced, making them great investments for your condo.

Invest in a Living Room Carpet

A beautiful new carpet can bring your living room together and make it a cozier, more comfortable environment for getting together with family and friends. By investing in quality carpeting that maintains its attractive appearance, you can enjoy its beauty for years to come.

Once you’ve completed your renovations, take the time to update your condo insurance to include these upgrades in your policy. For quality condo insurance coverage at reasonable costs, contact your THINK Insurance & Financial Services agent today.