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Why A Garage Sale May Be A Good Idea

There are many reasons as to why you should consider a garage sale. When you are living in California and there is a lot of clutter in your home or there are things that you no longer need, a garage sale can generate income as well as help you get rid of everything. There are some guidelines that you should follow.

Market the Sale

You need to make sure that you are marketing the sale so that people know where the garage sale is and when. Invite family and friends, create road signage, and spread the word across the Internet.

Clear Out Your Clutter

Anything that you don’t want needs to be part of the garage sale. Go room by room, making sure that you work everything that is going to go out. Be realistic about what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of.

Price it Right

Remember, you aren’t going to get full price for anything that you put out at a garage sale. Everything should be marked down at least a third of the original price – if not lower. You may want to let people know that you are willing to take a lower price. Don’t be afraid to negotiate.

Keep it Out

Once you have everything out for sale, don’t bring it back in the house. Make arrangements to take a trip down to Salvation Army or somewhere else in order to drop everything that doesn’t sell. This way, you can get a tax write off and remove the clutter out of your home at the same time.

There is no reason why you should have to purchase homeowners insurance on your own. Our agents at THINK Insurance & Financial Services can answer questions, get quotes, and guide you through the entire insurance buying process.



Being Defensive, Not Agressive: Tips for Teen Drivers

There is a major difference between being a defensive driver and an aggressive one, and your teen needs to know the difference. Aggressive drivers are often the ones who cause accidents, and they are also well known for having bad road rage. To keep your teen from being an aggressive driver, make sure you share these tips about being defensive. 

Always think of an exit route

Teach your teen that as he’s driving down the road he should be constantly coming up with exit routes he can take if an accident were to take place. For example, when driving on the interstate, your teen should know which way he’s going to turn if a semi in front of him was to have a blow out. 

Stay well behind other cars

Aggressive drivers don’t care if they tailgate drivers in front of them, and this often leads to accidents. A defensive driver on the other hand knows to stay at least three to four seconds behind all cars that are in front of him.

Keep noise to a minimum

When it comes to having the radio blaring or a bunch of kids screaming in the car, it can be easy to become distracted as well as aggravated. This is why noise should be kept to a minimum when your teen is driving. It’s of course okay to listen to the radio, but the noise level should be low enough to hear a train horn or police car siren. 

For more defensive driving tips you can share with your teen, please contact THINK Ins & Fin Svs LLC today. 


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