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Your life insurance may need an upgrade

Life insurance is important, because it protects your family’s finances in the event of your death. Especially for those who are the main breadwinner in their household, having life insurance can mean a much higher level of peace of mind. It can also help them focus on enjoying the time with their family and friends instead of worrying about money and the future. Having life insurance in Pomona, CA is not just about getting a policy, though. It is also about whether that policy is still the right one for you and your changing needs.

Over time a life insurance policy may need to be upgraded, so you can continue to properly protect your growing family, provide for additional loved ones, or keep up with inflation and other concerns. Doing that can mean a big sense of relief. When you are not sure about your policy and what changes it might need, working with your agent can help. That will give you perspective on what you really need to provide the right level of protection, and may also help with future decisions based on finances and risk. With the right agent, your life insurance policy will be everything you and your family need it to be.

By working with THINK Insurance & Financial Services, you will have the chance to talk with a knowledgeable Pomona, CA life insurance agent who can help you based on your individual situation. Whether you are thinking about getting a life insurance policy for the first time or you just want to see if the policy you have should be changed or upgraded in any way, working with a company you can trust matters. You will feel better about the policy you have, and your family will know they are protected financially if something should happen to you.

Why Renter’s Insurance?

Renter’s Insurance is a type of insurance policy that protects the valuables that you own and it isn’t too expensive.  You can get renter’s insurance for your belongings and maybe lower your stress level a bit in the process.  If you have a vehicle that is already covered, many carriers can bundle your policies and even give you a better price at the same time.

Yes, you do need renter’s insurance because even though your landlord might have an insurance policy on the property, it won’t cover your belongings.  You need to be the one to pony up and protect your own stuff.

Depending on the carrier, renter’s insurance can cover personal property such as bikes, electronics, furniture and even computers.  It might also be able to cover losses that are caused by things like the weather – snow, sleet, weight of ice, lightning, hail, wind, storms and fire as well as non – weather things such as vehicles, aircraft, riots, vandalism and theft.  Make sure that you go over these things with your carrier though to be sure what is and isn’t covered.

While renter’s insurance is a great thing to have, it won’t cover everything.  Harm to people or property that was intentional may not be covered.  Professional services might not be covered either. 

This type of insurance is truly affordable and allows you to cover thousands of dollars’ worth of property for around a dollar a day.  You can save even more too when you bundle the coverage with your car insurance most of the time.

If you are in the Pamona, CA area, call or stop by THINK Insurance & Financial Services today.  We have friendly and knowledgeable staff waiting to help you find answers to your questions and make sure that you have the coverage you need.


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