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Why You Need Homeowners Insurance in California

Living in a city like Pomona, CA comes with many perks, but a disaster-free zone is not one of them. California is known for its sunny skies and frequent earthquakes. You cannot take a chance on going without homeowners insurance in a region such as this.

Sunny Today, Shaky Tomorrow

California sits on the large and potentially destructive San Andreas Fault. You can quickly go from a vibrant homeowner to someone without a place to lay his head if a violent earthquake sweeps through the state and triggers what many call the sleeping San Andreas giant. While homeowners insurance cannot safeguard against all financial loss, it can ensure that the value of your home is credited back to you and your family.

A Lawsuit is Lurking

Many tourists visit the region throughout the year, and some come with the preconceived notion that all Californians are wealthy. You should not discount the probability of lawsuit simply because you live in Pomona, CA and not Hollywood. Homeowners insurance pays for court proceedings and settlement in the instance of you being found liable in a lawsuit.

The Bank Says You Must Be Insured

The lender is always looking out for its interests, which means that it will require proof of homeowners insurance. Some banks in California even require borrowers to obtain earthquake coverage so that the cost of the loan will be covered should a tragedy take place.  Homes located in areas where wildfires often occur may also require additional insurance for damages caused by fire.

Don’t Get Caught Uninsured

No one is going to twist your arm and force you to obtain homeowners insurance after paying off your loan. It is, however, in your best interest to maintain assurance that reimburses the value of your investment instead of preceding indemnity and coming up empty.

When is it Time to Trade In My Old Car?

You might be fond of that old car. She has a name. The cracks on the dashboard have been loving taped or glued, and she still gets you to work in the Pomona, CA area most of the time. But the visits to the repair shop are increasing. You wonder if it’s time to trade in your old friend, or does it make sense to keep her on the road?

No Monthly Payment Means It’s Cheaper, Right?

You paid off the car years ago.  You’re figuring that $200 to $300 a month is cash in your pocket. However, if you are replacing belts, shocks, fuses, door panels and an assortment of other parts regularly, the dollar amount might be higher than you think. Make a pros and cons sheet and enter of cash spent recently.  Is it more than a new car payment? If it is, it might be time to head to the dealer.

Insurance Will Cover an Accident, Right?

If you haven’t checked the blue book value of your vehicle recently, you might want to. Car repairs can easily reach $5,000 due to a simple fender bender. If your reliable commuter car has a cash value lower than that, you could be shelling cash out of your pocket to get it back on the road. If there’s not enough in the savings account to cover that contingency, changes are in order.

Is It Still Keeping You Safe?

Older cars lack the crumple zones, dual-stage airbags and other safety advancements available on newer models. A new car could save you more than cash in an accident. How safe is your kid in that back seat?

Your Pomona, CA auto insurance agent can help you weigh the pros and cons of maintaining your old vehicle. Give them a call today to check on the current valuation of your car.

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