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California Motorcycle Liability Insurance

Any motorcycle operator on the roads in California is required to have minimum liability insurance. That means that if you’re in a motorcycle wreck and you’re liable, the law requires you to pay the damages. The required minimum liability coverage for a motorcycle in California is $15,000 per person, $30,000 per occurrence and $5,000 in property damage

It doesn’t take much of a hit to cause $5,000 in property damage. If you have a rider and wipe out, and your rider ends up in the hospital for two weeks, $15,000 will be exhausted in a few days. If you’re hit by an uninsured driver, you’re going nowhere with your minimum liability coverage, because you’re not insured for that risk. If you’re hit by somebody else who’s riding on minimum coverage, your out of luck too after their $15,000 runs out. Minimum coverage just isn’t enough.

We’re independent insurance agents. We’re responsible and trustworthy people who live and work with you in your community. As opposed to most agents, we don’t just sell policies for one single company. We can offer you a variety of motorcycle insurance policies and coverage that can be customized to meet your individual insurance needs. When we speak, you’ll recognize those needs and want to cover them. That way, if you’re in a serious accident, you’ve prepared for all of the contingencies.

The options we can offer you are far greater and much more varied than what an agent for one of the super sized insurance companies can even talk about. We give you choices that will cover you all the way around. Even if you’re not shopping for motorcycle insurance, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to give you an evaluation. You’ll be happy you called us.

Renters Insurance: Insure Your Belongings for Pennies a Day

Whether you plan to live in Southern California or Northern California, there are always adventures waiting around the corner. From Universal Studios to a few days at the beach, you're sure to appreciate the warm weather, friendly people and food from around the world. Take your kids to Disneyland so they can have memorable experiences they'll treasure throughout their lives. Once you find the ideal apartment, contact our agents for more information about renters insurance coverage.

If you're renting an apartment in California, you can protect your belongings with renters insurance coverage for pennies a day. In California, you may or may not reside in an apartment complex that requires you to have a renters insurance policy. You can find out whether renters insurance coverage is mandatory by contacting your landlord or property manager. Even if you learn that you are not legally obliged to have renters insurance coverage, you can still own a renters insurance policy for less than $200 a year. In other words, for about $15 per month, you can have peace of mind in knowing that your belongings are insured in case of fire or theft. You'll pay less for renters insurance than the price of a few cups of coffee at your favorite coffee shop.

Renters insurance policies typically come with liability insurance that protects you in case your supposedly best friend decides to sue you because he walked into your wall and injured his shoulder. You can also get coverage that reimburses you if you need to move out of your apartment while contractors repair damages due to a flood or fire. Visit our website to obtain renters insurance quotes, then call our agents to learn more about the low cost of California renters insurance.


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