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Renter Insurance for College Students and Other Renters

Going off to college and getting your first apartment is an exciting time. Family and friends may help out with the move and the expenses, yet one important thing may easily be overlooked. That is the protection of personal property with renters insurance. This is “must-have” insurance for those that are moving into a place that they rent or into the college dorms. It is easy to get this insurance with the help of your agent at THINK Insurance & Financial Services, serving Pomona, CA and the surrounding area.

Risks of Shared Spaces

Just think about it for a moment. Most students have expensive laptops, smartphones, televisions, or other valuable electronics. All of that personal property is at risk if not covered by insurance. With all the goings-on in the dorms and shared-apartments, there is ample opportunity for a bad person to steal something when a student is not home.

It is a good idea to have a lock on the door for a student’s room in a shared space; however, that will not stop a roommate who shares the room from entering and inviting someone else.

Burglary Loss Protection

Getting renters insurance provides peace of mind that there is some protection against a major loss that could cause a financial hardship for a student or any renter for that matter. It is a horrible feeling to come home to an apartment that has been cleaned out by a burglar. After a burglary, when you ask the neighbors if they saw anything, they may say that they heard stuff but that they simply thought you were moving out.

Burglars are becoming more brazen and may rob a place during the day even when seen by other people while doing it. It is very easy for a burglar to know when a student is not going to be home by observing their class attendance at school.

What To Do for Your Protection

If you are a student or renting an apartment for the first time, don’t wait for your parents to tell you about rental insurance. Instead, talk with your insurance agent at THINK Insurance & Financial Services in Pomona, CA by giving them a call at 855-484-4654 or using the convenient online form.

Get your rental insurance set up and then tell your parents what you did. It is likely that they will be impressed with the wise decision, which you made as an independent young adult, to get renters insurance.

Top 3 Tips for Purchasing Condo Insurance

Moving into a new condominium in Pomona, CA is exciting, but how do you know how much insurance coverage to purchase? Our THINK Insurance & Financial Services team has compiled this list of the three top tips for purchasing condo insurance.

Tip #1: Look Through Association and Master Policy Documents Carefully

The most important thing to do when purchasing condo insurance is to look through the association and master policy documents carefully. Each one is different and what one complex might deem as a covered component could be completely different at a different property. Clearly determine what you’re responsible for and what the association is responsible for prior to purchasing your policy.

Tip #2: Determine How Much Personal Property Coverage You Need

The next tip is to clearly determine how much personal property coverage you need. Consider a scenario where you had to replace every single item you owned—from your toothbrush and clothing all the way to your 80-inch HDTV. Use this figure to estimate an appropriate amount of personal property coverage. If this still doesn’t seem like enough, consider adding floaters and endorsements to your policy to cover specialty items like guns, jewelry, artwork, or computers.

Tip #3: Decide If You Want Optional Coverages

Another tip? You should also decide if you want optional protection like earthquake or sewer backup coverage. Flood insurance is also extra and not included in a basic condominium policy. These extra safeguards could keep you from having to pay out of pocket costs if there’s a major disaster or a drain backup in your condo community.

At THINK Insurance & Financial Services, we’re here to help Pomona, CA residents with all of their auto and condominium insurance needs. Please call us today to schedule an appointment.


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