How Getting Home Insurance in California will Benefit You

Living in the Pomona, CA area can be a great experience. The area also has a good real estate market, which makes it a good option for home buyers. If you are looking to buy a home in this area, you should get home insurance on your property as it will benefit you in several ways.

Gives Necessary and Valuable Coverage

Your home is an enormous asset and investment. The best way that you can protect it is by getting a home insurance policy. When you get home insurance, it will not only protect your home and personal belongings from a variety of risks, but you will also receive great personal liability insurance coverage. 

Ensures You are Compliant with All Agreements

Another reason why you should make sure that you get home insurance for your Pomona, CA area home is that it will ensure that you are in compliance with all agreements. Most people in this area have a mortgage that was used to purchase the property. If this is the case for you, the lender will undoubtedly require that you have home insurance at all times. Additionally, if you live in any type of home association, the related association documents will likely require that you carry home insurance. If you do not carry insurance, you could face penalization from both your lender and the home association.

Since there are many benefits to having home insurance, you should contact THINK Insurance & Financial Services whenever you are looking to buy a property or want to evaluate your home insurance needs and options. The team at THINK Insurance & Financial Services can help you to figure out what type of home insurance is right for you, which will allow you to get into a great policy. 

Is Homeowners’ Insurance Required By Law in California?

Unlike driving a motor vehicle, when you own a home in Pomona, CA you aren’t legally required to purchase homeowners insurance. However, if you purchased your home through a mortgage, your lending bank will probably require you to carry homeowners insurance. This is because they need to protect their investment in the event that your home is damaged by a storm, tornado, fire, or another incident. Additionally, if your home is located in an area with a history of flooding or earthquakes, your lender will also require additional coverage. This is generally true whether you own a single-family residence, co-op, or condominium. 

What if My Mortgage Is Paid Off? 

Once you’ve paid off your mortgage, nobody can force you to purchase homeowners insurance. However, it’s not wise to cancel your ThINK Insurance & Financial Services homeowners policy and possibly risk losing your investment, your belongings, or having a place to live in the event that your home suffers massive damage due to unforeseen disasters.  

Here are some examples of why it’s smart to keep your home covered even if your mortgage is paid off: 

What if your home and belongings are ravaged by a wildfire? What if your neighbor’s tree falls down and knocks your roof in? What if someone crashed their vehicle into your living room? What if someone was walking on your sidewalk, slipped and fell, and ended up with severe injuries? Without homeowners insurance coverage you will be left to deal with the fallout of loss to your home and possessions or facing an expensive lawsuit for a personal injury claim. Having homeowners insurance will give you the peace of mind knowing that you’re protecting your home, your investment, and your assets in the event of damage or injury claim. 

If you have questions when shopping for homeowners insurance for your Pomona, CA home, we’ve got answers. Give THINK Insurance & Financial Services a call today for more information. 

Will Your Home Insurance Cover Damage Caused By a Contractor?

Are you planning a large home improvement project, or does your home need substantial repair? Whatever the reason, having a contractor in your home for a substantial period of time can open you up to liability for which you may not have coverage. Before you begin a large project, it is advisable to meet with your agent at THINK Insurance & Financial Services in Pomona, CA. We can provide the guidance necessary for you to have all of your policies up to date and in place before your project begins. 

Protect Yourself from Damage and Liability Before You Begin Any Major Home Project

Your home insurance policy likely provides some level of protection for both damage and liability for contractors and other third party vendors and service providers in your home. However, with a substantial project, your coverage levels may not be adequate. In addition to upping your own coverage, it may also make sense to have your contractor add you to their policy as a named insured. This can typically be accomplished with a small amount of paperwork and will be more than worth it should any accident or mishap occur on your property during your home improvement project.  Protect yourself and your family from liability in the event that your contractor is injured or causing damage to your home.

Do you want to make sure that you have adequate coverage in place before you begin a major renovation project? The agents at THINK Insurance & Financial Services are here to provide the necessary review of your current policy and recommend any additional coverage for your home project in the greater Pomona, CA area. Call or stop by today and we will make sure that your coverage levels are appropriate before you begin that major project.

Is Homeowners Insurance Required?

When you own and operate an automobile, in Pomona, CA as well as throughout the United States, insurance is mandatory, so is the same true when you own a home? The short answer: no. 

Legally speaking, homeowners insurance is not required, however in many cases, the lender (most likely the bank from which you are getting the mortgage to purchase your new home) will require a policy to cover unforeseen situations (fire, theft, natural disaster). Be sure to speak to an agent at THINK Insurance & Financial Services, serving the needs of Pomona, CA to discuss the requirements of individual lenders.

For areas that are susceptible to specific problems, such as earthquakes or floods, it will most likely be mandatory that an additional policy is procured that deals with that specific issue (earthquake insurance and flood insurance coverage is separate from homeowners insurance).

When your home has been paid off, and a lender is no longer necessary, insurance is not a requirement by law. Talk to an agent at THINK Insurance & Financial Services to find out more about the importance of maintaining your home insurance policy, however, after your house has been paid off. After all, you will want to protect your investment!

If you have chosen to buy a condominium or co-op, you must follow the Home Owner’s Association (HOA) or the board’s rules. The chances are that they will insist that those purchasing in the community acquire homeowners (or condo) insurance. It is vital then, as the buyer of a condo or co-op, that you find out from the board exactly what kind of coverage is required.

In the case of a townhouse, the association may or may not have a master policy- covering the structure and the common areas- if they do, you will need to additionally purchase renters insurance. If they do not, then you will get homeowners insurance.


How Often Should You Update Your Home Insurance Policy?

Updating your home insurance policy should be second nature to most people, but unfortunately, the reality is much different than what should be. If you haven’t looked at your policy for a while, perhaps it’s time to dust it off to find out if there are some holes in your coverage. 

When You Care  

THINK Insurance & Financial Services has seen too many people in Pomona, CA do everything they can to improve their homes without taking the time to insure it all. When you care about your home, you make the updates and additions to increase its value. Anytime you do this is the time to pull out your home insurance policy. It could be a simple as changing your lighting to recessed in your kitchen and living room. These changes may not mean that you have to update your policy, but based on the terms and conditions, you may not get financial help on any damage that happens to the new parts of your house if your insurance carrier wasn’t notified. 

THINK Insurance & Financial Services

If you haven’t done anything major to your house, you should probably consider looking at your policy every year or so. Our agency is here to walk you through anything that may have happened that would require you to update your policy. For example, you may have made a few smaller purchases (e.g., several pieces of jewelry) that move you out of the limits for your coverage. Whether you need to make changes or not, we’re here to prompt you to remember it all so that you have everything covered in the event of a severe storm or criminal break-in. Call us for more information and a quote if you live in Pomona, CA.  

Why House Maintenance Matters

We often move into a house thinking it will be our “forever home”, but plans change all the time.  Sometimes people think they will enjoy life in a suburb, like Pomona, CA only to find out they want to be closer to Los Angeles.  Whatever the reason, THINK Insurance & Financial Services knows that house maintenance is something that should not be overlooked.  Taking the time to fix things before you place your house on the market will save you money in the long run.  

The Cost of a House in Pomona

It has been said that the median price of a house listed for sale in Pomona, CA is $379,894 and the value of houses is predicted to increase 1.4% over the next year.  What we get on a house when it is listed depends heavily on the condition of the house.  

What to Fix Before Moving


  • Floors:  If you have hardwood floors keep it.  If they aren’t new you might get more if you get the floors refinished. 
  • Carpet:  If you have carpeting the bedroom or other areas of the house make sure it is clean.  Tan or neutral carpets work best when selling a house.

        Paint Ceiling and Walls 

  • Wallpaper:  That wallpaper that you loved is not something that buyers will like.  Paying to take it down could be the difference between your house selling or not.
  • Painting:  Paint wood paneling.  Get rid of “popcorn ceilings” to make it sale better.


       Kitchen remodels might be the most expensive thing when listing a house and resurfacing cabinets and countertops may be the cheaper option. 

THINK Insurance& Financial Services wants you to get the best value for the house, so taking time to get these repairs done will save you when you if and when you decide to move. 


Three Ways to Maintain Your Home This Fall

Fall is a great time to do projects around your home and getting it looking great. It isn’t too hot like in summer and it isn’t yet cold like in winter. However, while many of these projects are optional, there are a few things that you should be doing to maintain your home in fall time. These tips can help prevent larger problems that can happen during the wet, icy and windy winter months. Here are a few of those things.

Trim Your Trees

One of the best things to do in the fall months is to trim back your trees. Dead limbs can fall when it is windy out, which can cause damage to your home, cars, or even people. Trimming your trees can help you prevent having to file a homeowner’s insurance claim for damage.

Maintain Your Sidewalks and Walkways

Concrete sidewalks and walkways can develop cracks in them. During the fall and winter months, it is darker outside earlier and it can be harder to see these cracks, which can be a tripping hazard. Fall is a great time to fill them in, or even find a way to light the area well.

Have Your Roof Repaired

If your roof has missing shingles, cracked tiles or is otherwise damaged, you want to have it repaired in the fall. Rain can seep in and cause more damaged, which can lead to you having to file a homeowner’s insurance claim. Having the roof inspected and repaired helps prevent this.

Are you looking to buy a new homeowner’s insurance policy? Or do you simply want to find out what may or may not be covered with your existing one? Then contact THINK Insurance & Financial Services, serving the Pomona, CA area. Let us help you with your homeowner’s insurance needs today!


Does Home Insurance Cover Natural Disasters?

Residents of Pomona, CA know that Californians are at risk for natural disasters. Catastrophes such as wildfires and earthquakes are not uncommon to California. Furthermore, the east coast was recently ravaged by Hurricane Matthew. While California does not get struck by hurricanes very often, California is on the coast and can suffer a hurricane strike at any time. When it comes to home insurance, owners need to know what disasters are covered by the policy and what catastrophes require an additional rider.

First, in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, it is important to address floods. Flood insurance does not come standard with most insurance policies. Flood insurance is typically a separate rider that people need to add to their policy. While this comes with a slightly increased cost, Californians do live on the Pacific coast and should be prepared for a hurricane strike. Make sure that the policy covers flood damage.

Next, earthquake insurance is important for people living on the San Andreas Fault. Earthquake coverage is also a separate policy, typically referred to as earth movement insurance. This will include disasters such as mudslides and avalanches along with earthquakes. This should not be neglected in California. Purchase earth movement insurance.

Finally, there are some policies that will cover wildfire damage. With the dry heat in California, wildfires are a common occurrence. While many policies will cover fire damage, it is essential that residents purchase coverage to cover living expenses. Wildfires frequently cause so much damage that the home cannot be lived in. People are forced into hotels and apartments which can be expensive. Home insurance policies will cover these living expenses if the owner purchases the coverage. 

Pomona, CA is averse to natural disasters. Wildfires and earthquakes are common along the San Andreas Fault. Make sure that everyone knows that catastrophic coverage is included in a home insurance policy. Some riders are required to cover specific natural disasters. Contact the friendly agents at THINK Insurance & Financial Services today for more information. 

Home Insurance Basics

When you are in the market for a home or a home insurance policy, it is best to know what you are looking for. You likely have a good idea of what you want in a home but most people do not even think of what they need in a home insurance policy. Some people may even think to not purchase one. However, it is always recommended and before you purchase a home insurance policy, there are a few basics to understand. These are some of the basics of home insurance as provided by THINK Insurance & Financial Services serving Pomona, CA.

  • It comes in all shapes and sizes. Just like every home is different, there are many different kinds of home insurance policies. It is important to take a look at your needs and your home to make sure you get the coverage that is best for the home.
  • There can be gaps in coverage. While you may expect home insurance to cover anything that could go wrong in your home, that is not the case. Some policies may not even cover water or flood damage. It is important to look at the policy to see what is covered and what is not covered.
  • It may not be required to have. If you do not have a mortgage, you may not be required to have home insurance. However, you should always consider it just in case anything were to happen to your investment. You never know what may happen tomorrow.

If you would like to learn more about your options or get some quotes for home insurance, be sure to contact THINK Insurance & Financial Services serving Pomona, CA. They will even take a look at your current policy to make sure there are no gaps.

5 Surprise Uses for Cleaning Supplies in Pomona, CA

Having a clean car inside and out makes for safer driving.  Dirty windshields and trash on car floors make you disoriented and can distract your driving and old oil in your interior hinders the engine performance of your car. THINK Insurance & Financial Services wants you to ‘think’ about caring for your car making you a more conscientious driver.

Speaking of cleanness did you know that many of your ordinary household cleaning supplies had double to multiple uses?  Here is a prompt from THINK insurance to viewers for using cleaning aids in many ways.

1. Continue to provide for your car’s safety by using your dish detergent as a weed killer.  If weeds grow to high they can actually damage the mud guard or bumper on your car.  While they are less than a foot mix a tablespoon of dish liquid with a cup of salt and gallon of vinegar then pour it over the weeds.  It kills plants, but is safe for children and pets.

2. Toothpaste is one of the best utensil cleaners.  Dampen a section of a dish cloth, put a dime size amount of toothpaste (tartar control is best) on the cloth and rub on tarnished utensils or stained kitchen sinks.

3. Window cleaner serves the double purpose of cleaning your couch and getting rid of insects.  Spray over the opening of cracks where pests hide and your done.  For furniture, spray a little on soiled areas and rub with a cloth.

4. Oven cleaners work wonders on bathtubs.  Pour some on tiles or stained areas on the bathtub, let is set for about 10 – 15 minutes then clean as usual.

5. Break several denture tablets in half and drop them in clogged drains.  Pour boiling water over it and in minutes your drain will be free.