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Why House Maintenance Matters

We often move into a house thinking it will be our “forever home”, but plans change all the time.  Sometimes people think they will enjoy life in a suburb, like Pomona, CA only to find out they want to be closer to Los Angeles.  Whatever the reason, THINK Insurance & Financial Services knows that house maintenance is something that should not be overlooked.  Taking the time to fix things before you place your house on the market will save you money in the long run.  

The Cost of a House in Pomona

It has been said that the median price of a house listed for sale in Pomona, CA is $379,894 and the value of houses is predicted to increase 1.4% over the next year.  What we get on a house when it is listed depends heavily on the condition of the house.  

What to Fix Before Moving


  • Floors:  If you have hardwood floors keep it.  If they aren’t new you might get more if you get the floors refinished. 
  • Carpet:  If you have carpeting the bedroom or other areas of the house make sure it is clean.  Tan or neutral carpets work best when selling a house.

        Paint Ceiling and Walls 

  • Wallpaper:  That wallpaper that you loved is not something that buyers will like.  Paying to take it down could be the difference between your house selling or not.
  • Painting:  Paint wood paneling.  Get rid of “popcorn ceilings” to make it sale better.


       Kitchen remodels might be the most expensive thing when listing a house and resurfacing cabinets and countertops may be the cheaper option. 

THINK Insurance& Financial Services wants you to get the best value for the house, so taking time to get these repairs done will save you when you if and when you decide to move. 


New California road laws for 2017

If you drive in Pomona, CA, there are some new traffic laws that you’re going to want to be aware of. Fortunately, none of them have a major impact on insurance law, so you don’t need to call your people at THINK Insurance & Financial Services to get a new policy just yet. Here’s what you need to know:

The GPS Defense

For a time, it was possible to contest a ticket for using your phone while driving by claiming that you were actually using your GPS. The new law is going into effect on the argument that you don’t actually need to hold the phone to use GPS. The safest way to do GPS now is hands-free, mounting it on the dashboard and checking directions at stoplights or listening to audio directions. And you’re only allowed to use one finger at a time when using your phone for GPS.

Your Phone Cannot Obstruct Your Windshield

Speaking of phone mounts, make sure that yours does not obstruct your windshield.

Bikers Splitting Lanes

You often see bikers going in-between lanes in order to get ahead of slow traffic. The legality of this has always been questionable with few states having clear laws on the matter, leaving it up to the discretion of the officer and the judge, really. California is the first state to officially declare this legal, but with certain provisions for what counts as safe lane-splitting. For instance, a biker is not allowed to go 50-60 mph when traffic is at a standstill.

Child Seats

Any child under two absolutely must ride in a rear-facing child seat, unless they’re more than forty inches tall, and weigh over forty pounds.

Driving in Pomona, CA presents some dangers, but stay up on the laws and THINK Insurance & Financial Services will take care of the rest.


5 Reasons to Care More About Auto Insurance

The moment you buy auto insurance is the moment you likely forget about it. It’s just another responsibility to check off a list. But auto insurance is a major purchase, and one THINK Insurance & Financial Services knows you should pay more attention to.

1. It Protects You

If an uninsured motorist hits you, insurance may be the only thing that helps you pay for the damages. It’s a safety net that keeps your finances from being sucked away, and there are a variety of events it helps you with.

2. You May Not Have the Right Policy

If you’ve chosen the bare minimum of coverage, there’s likely a few scenarios that will end up costing you more than you can afford. For example, California has its limits when it comes to bodily and property damage, and everything else you pay will be out of pocket.

3. Insurance Can Be the Best Source of Advice

Knowing who to can be just as important as the research you may do on your own. If you live in Pomona, CA, you’re going to want to work with someone who can help you and answer your questions as honestly as possible.

4. It’s Not Just About You

Insurance helps every driver on the road, not just you. The roads cannot stay safe if people don’t practice security in their daily lives, and insurance is an exceptionally large part of that.

5. The Company You Keep Is Important

THINK Insurance & Financial Services serves the people of Pomona, CA, and we’re here to make it easy to both obtain and understand insurance. We can help the new and the seasoned drivers alike. If you’re looking for information or a new quote, then give us a call today!

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