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Can You Have Multipel Cars on One Policy?

Auto insurance can be very difficult to understand if you do not know the basics. Having some basic information on your side can help make any insurance process easier. For those in the Pomona, CA area, the agents with THINK Insurance & Financial Services can help you find the right policy for you.

One question that is often asked is if you can have more than one car on a single policy. The answer is a bit complicated. You can have more than one car on a policy, but this means having coverage that is unique to each car and each driver. So though they may be on the same policy being paid by the same person, in many ways, they have their own policy that is unique to the car that is being insured.

In many ways this can be hard to understand, but in all reality, it simply means that they are on the same policy but that each car has coverage that is specific and unique to the car and to the driver. You can have as many cars as you want on a policy but they have to belong to people that live in your home and are related to you, someone that is your dependent, or you have to have your name on the title of the car.

These are all factors that enable you to add someone to your auto insurance policy. If you live in the Pomona, CA area, it might be beneficial to talk with the agents at THINK Insurance & Financial Services to learn more about multi-car policies, how you go about getting them, and any discounts that may be associated with having more than one car on a single named policy.

How Often Should You Update Your Home Insurance Policy?

Updating your home insurance policy should be second nature to most people, but unfortunately, the reality is much different than what should be. If you haven’t looked at your policy for a while, perhaps it’s time to dust it off to find out if there are some holes in your coverage. 

When You Care  

THINK Insurance & Financial Services has seen too many people in Pomona, CA do everything they can to improve their homes without taking the time to insure it all. When you care about your home, you make the updates and additions to increase its value. Anytime you do this is the time to pull out your home insurance policy. It could be a simple as changing your lighting to recessed in your kitchen and living room. These changes may not mean that you have to update your policy, but based on the terms and conditions, you may not get financial help on any damage that happens to the new parts of your house if your insurance carrier wasn’t notified. 

THINK Insurance & Financial Services

If you haven’t done anything major to your house, you should probably consider looking at your policy every year or so. Our agency is here to walk you through anything that may have happened that would require you to update your policy. For example, you may have made a few smaller purchases (e.g., several pieces of jewelry) that move you out of the limits for your coverage. Whether you need to make changes or not, we’re here to prompt you to remember it all so that you have everything covered in the event of a severe storm or criminal break-in. Call us for more information and a quote if you live in Pomona, CA.  

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