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4 Reasons to Keep Your Car Clean

Even people with very organized and clean homes sometimes forget to keep their vehicles clean. In fact many people find their car to be a major clutter point. This is may seem inconsequential, however it may have more of an effect than you think. 

Reasons to Keep Your Car Clean

  1. Cleaning the exterior of your car increases visibility out the windows, and even a small obstruction in your vision can cause a serious collision.  You may not even notice the film around your the swath made by your wiper blades any more but it is still reducing your safety while driving. 
  2. People who regularly wipe down the interior of their car get sick less. Areas in the car that are touched often are likely to be overlooked when cleaning to avoid flu germs, however wiping the steering wheel, radio dials and handles often can go a long way in illness prevention. 
  3. Saving money is an unexpected side effect of keeping a clean car. Dirt build up can damage the paint job of the car over time, as can ignoring small damages. Fixing a small scratch and keeping a vehicle clean and waxed can preserve the paint job and decrease repair costs while increasing retail value. 
  4. Keeping the interior of your car clutter free actually increases your safety while driving because of decreased distractions and no chance of items rolling under the gas or breaks. It also increases your safety in an accident because flying debris can be deadly. 

For many commuters the car falls to the wayside after doing a great job at work all day and giving your all to your home and family in the evening. However it is important that your family car is kept tidy for safety and monetary reasons. Make sure you are saving all the money you can on insurance, while keeping your family fully covered with THINK Insurance & Financial Services. We can keep you safe on the road and financially no matter what life throws your way. 

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