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How much life insurance should I carry

Life insurance is one of those things that is not one size fits all. Many things go into the decision about how much life insurance you should carry. If you live in or near Pomona, CA, THINK Insurance & Financial Services should be your first stop to talk about your life insurance coverage. We have agents with years of experience who know exactly the right questions to ask. 

Where are you in life

One of the first things you need to consider when it comes to life insurance is your age and your dependents. Who do you support? Who counts on your earnings? If you are young or single and no one counts on your income, you will need less life insurance than someone who has a family. Your family can take several forms, it can be a spouse, children or elderly parents. It could be a special needs sibling. You want to be able to guarantee that if you are not there to provide for the people who count on you, they will be taken care of. 

What you owe

Having considered who depends on you, you also need to consider any debt that you may have. Do you have a mortgage or credit card debt? Have you made arrangements for final expenses? The total for these needs to be added to the amount to keep your dependents covered. Now you have the basic amount of life insurance you need. While this is not a hard and fast rule. it is a place to start. 

Once you have decided that you need to add to your life insurance coverage or purchase your first insurance policy, the next step is to give THINK Insurance & Financial Services in Pomona, CA a call or stop by our office to discuss your options. 

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