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Classic Car Insurance Rates in Pomona, CA

Classic car owners may tend to baby their vehicles or even practically treat them like members of the family – and who could blame them? Classic vehicles are some of the most beautiful, most unique, and rarest cars seen in the Pomona, CA area today. Naturally, part of taking the best care of your beautiful classic car includes having good classic car insurance that covers the vehicle in case of emergency. The exact rates for your classic vehicle insurance coverage will be determined by your insurance agent. Rates vary depending upon several factors, which can include:

  • Your Driving And Insurance History: For example, having excessive past traffic violations, a number of insurance claims in a short period of time, or a large number of car wrecks could cause your classic vehicle insurance rates to be higher. The more spotless your past driving record, the lower you can usually expect your rates to be.
  • The Amount Of Driving You Do: Some classic car owners use their vehicles only part of the time and this can impact your rates. For example, if you have a classic car that is used mainly as an entry in car shows around your area, you probably aren’t putting too many miles on the vehicle each year. The less you’re driving it, the lower your risk for wrecks and other damage is considered to be, thus you might get lower rates if you don’t use the vehicle much.
  • Your Policy Preferences: The exact amount of coverage that you want will naturally have a big impact on your rates. If you want full replacement value insurance that includes all the upgrades and modifications you’ve done on the car, the policy will be pricier, for example.

Whether you want a high level of coverage or just the state minimum, your classic car needs to be covered. Our THINK Ins. & Financial Services independent agents can give you free live quotes anytime, or you can use our free online quote comparison tool to get multiple insurance policy prices from several major insurance companies at one time. Feel free to check it out anytime!

Why is Renters Insurance Necessary in Pomona, CA

Renters face many of the same risks as homeowners face and they should have renter insurance to guard against those risks. Did you know that your landlord’s insurance will not cover the loss or damage to your personal possessions? If you are renting an apartment in Pomona, CA and become a victim of theft, you can not file a claim against your landlord to recover your loss. Your landlord’s insurance only covers damage to the building or unit that you are living in, not loss to a tenant’s personal property.

Renters insurance is very affordable and provides several different types of protection. It typically covers loss of any personal property such as clothes and furniture that might get destroyed in a fire. It also provides liability coverage in the event that a visitor to your home gets injured and wants you to pay for their medical care.

A renter insurance policy can also pay for temporary housing if your home becomes uninhabitable for any number of reasons. While the standard renters insurance policy does not cover high-value items like antiques or very expensive jewelry, if you do have such items, you can buy additional coverage to insure those items.

If you are a student attending college and living in a dormitory on campus, you are likely covered for loss of your personal property under your parent’s homeowners insurance. However, if you live off-campus, you are not covered by your parents insurance and you should consider purchasing a renters policy.

Whether you are renting temporarily or long-term, having renter insurance is a good idea. You might not realize it, but all of the things you own, from dishes and clothes to computers and furniture, can cost a sizable amount to replace. It only takes one incident (loss) for you to realize that you should have purchased a renters policy.

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