Does My Personal Auto Insurance Covers Business Travel?

If you use your vehicle for work purposes, having the right auto insurance is important. Whether you travel to see clients or deliver products with your personal vehicle, it’s important to consider commercial auto coverage to limit your liability. At THINK Insurance & Financial Services in Pomona, CA, our agents can evaluate your existing auto insurance and help you obtain the right commercial auto insurance policy.

Your Personal Auto Insurance Doesn’t Cover Business Travel

Personal auto policies aren’t designed with work accidents in line. Whether you or an employee drive for business-related purposes, you may find yourself footing the bill for repairs if you fail to obtain the right insurance.

Although your personal auto insurance doesn’t cover business use, you can still protect your private vehicle as well as your commercial fleet. Talk to your insurance agent to determine how to reduce your liability with the proper coverage.

Although it’s rare, many things can go wrong whenever you or an employee get behind the wheel. Commercial auto insurance may cover medical expenses, property damage, legal fees, and other liabilities associated with work-related car accidents.

What’s Covered Under Commercial Auto Insurance?

In a basic plan, commercial auto insurance typically pays for damage to other vehicles in an accident you cause, damage to your vehicle in case of an uninsured or underinsured motorist, and many of the same expenses covered by your personal auto insurance.

Collision coverage covers the cost to repair and replace your vehicle if you hit another object besides a car. This may include wildlife that runs out in front of your vehicle, causing damage. You and other authorized drivers and all passengers may receive medical coverage for injuries incurred in business-related accidents.

Some policies also cover lost wages and legal fees where applicable. Find out more about potential coverage options when you speak to your agent. Our team will tailor coverage to your business needs. Contact THINK Insurance & Financial Services today to schedule a free consultation regarding commercial auto insurance in Pomona, CA.

Environmental Sustainability and Green Auto Insurance

In a world increasingly focused on environmental sustainability, the auto insurance industry is adapting to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly solutions for those living in and around Pomona, CA. Green auto insurance is emerging as a vital component of this movement, aligning insurance coverage with the principles of environmental responsibility. 

Understanding Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a concept that aims to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It revolves around responsible resource management, conservation, and reducing the environmental impact of human activities.

The Role of Green Auto Insurance

Green auto insurance aligns with the principles of environmental sustainability by offering eco-friendly coverage options. Here’s how it contributes to the cause:

  • Reduced Carbon Emissions: Green auto insurance may incentivize policyholders to drive less, carpool, use public transportation, or opt for electric vehicles (EVs). This reduces carbon emissions and helps combat climate change.
  • Support for Electric Vehicles: Many green insurance policies offer discounts or specialized coverage for electric vehicles, promoting the adoption of cleaner and more energy-efficient modes of transportation.
  • Environmental Initiatives: Some green insurers invest in environmental initiatives and carbon offset programs, using a portion of premiums for reforestation, renewable energy projects, or other eco-friendly endeavors.
  • Sustainable Repairs: Green auto insurance providers may prioritize using environmentally sustainable materials and practices for vehicle repairs, reducing the carbon footprint of repair processes.
  • Personalized Driving Behavior: Some green insurance policies monitor and reward policyholders for eco-friendly driving behaviors, such as avoiding sudden accelerations, speeding, reckless driving, or hard braking. 

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Rideshare and Auto Insurance: What Drivers Need to Know

The gig economy in and around Pomona, CA has given rise to rideshare services like Uber and Lyft, allowing individuals to earn income by providing transportation services. If you’re considering becoming a rideshare driver, it’s crucial to understand the implications for your auto insurance. 

Personal Auto Insurance vs. Rideshare Insurance

Most personal auto insurance policies do not provide coverage while you are driving for a rideshare service. This is because traditional auto insurance is designed for personal use, and engaging in commercial activities like ridesharing can lead to coverage gaps.

The Rideshare Insurance Gap

The rideshare insurance gap is a critical concern for drivers. It refers to when you actively use your vehicle for rideshare purposes but have not picked up a passenger or completed a ride. During this time, your auto insurance may not cover accidents or damage, potentially leaving you financially vulnerable.

Understanding Rideshare Company Insurance

Rideshare companies typically offer insurance coverage that varies depending on your status during the rideshare process:

  • Offline or Personal Mode: When your rideshare app is turned off, your auto insurance provides coverage.
  • Online, Awaiting a Ride Request: The rideshare company’s insurance often provides limited coverage for liability and collision.
  • En Route to Pick Up a Passenger or During a Ride: At this stage, the rideshare company’s insurance generally offers more coverage.

Additional Coverage Options

Drivers have a few options for additional coverage:

  • Rideshare Endorsements: Some insurance companies offer rideshare endorsements that can be added to your policy.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Consider commercial auto insurance if you plan to drive for rideshare services frequently. 

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Auto Insurance for Rideshare Drivers: What You Need to Know

Providing rideshare services can be a great way to leverage your vehicle to earn a full-time or part-time income in Pomona, CA, and the surrounding areas. But before you sign on with Lyft or Uber and start taking customers, you’ll want to ensure your auto insurance policy is comprehensive enough.

We at THINK Insurance & Financial Services can help you assess your current insurance and determine whether you need an upgrade. But in the meantime, check out the following information for a quick look at what you should know.

Your Existing Policy Might Not Cover You

Many new rideshare drivers assume that since they’re using their car, their existing car insurance policy will be protection enough should they get into an accident. However, unless you happen to know your current policy also covers business use of your vehicle, you’re probably dealing with a coverage gap.

Failing to disclose the fact that you’re now using your car to earn money and update your policy accordingly can land you in hot water with your insurer. Not only will they likely not compensate you if you have an accident while driving your car for business purposes, but they may decide to drop you as a client altogether.

Your Rideshare Service Might Not Cover You, Either

Yes, services like Uber and Lyft provide some protection for their drivers while they’re on the job; but it’s not enough. You still need rideshare coverage to ensure you’re always protected – with or without passengers in the car and whether or not your rideshare app is on.

If you’re in or near Pomona, CA, drive for Uber or Lyft, and need help upgrading your auto insurance, call us at THINK Insurance & Financial Services. We’ll help you make sense of everything and settle on the perfect policy for you.

Seat belts save lives

Seat belts are one of a vehicle’s most important safety features, both here in the Pomona, CA area and anywhere you get into a vehicle. Wearing a seat belt can significantly reduce your risk of injury or death in the event of an accident. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, seat belt use is estimated to have saved nearly 14,000 lives in 2017. At THINK Insurance & Financial Services, we urge you to use one whenever you get into a car.

The benefits of wearing a seat belt far outweigh any potential discomfort it may cause. When worn correctly, a seat belt keeps you securely restrained against the back of your seat and prevents you from being thrown forward or off your seat in the event of an impact. This greatly reduces your risk for serious injuries that could be fatal if not adequately protected by a seat belt. 

In addition to saving lives, wearing a seat belt provides other safety benefits too. It helps keep drivers from being distracted while driving and keeps them aware of their surroundings at all times. Seat belts also reduce vehicle damage in crashes because occupants are less likely to fly around inside the vehicle and impact fragile components like windows and airbags. 

To ensure maximum protection and safety when driving, always remember to wear your seat belt every time you get behind the wheel or are a passenger in an automobile. For more safe driving tips, call us at THINK Insurance & Financial Services today. We proudly serve the Pomona, CA area and would be happy to help you find a policy that meets your needs and budget.

What Does Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cover?

Auto insurance coverage is essential for protecting you from financial losses related to a covered event. There are a few different types of auto coverage, including liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage, to name a few. Many insurance customers have a common question: What does comprehensive coverage protect? The insurance experts at THINK Insurance & Financial Services can help answer other questions for the residents of Pomona, CA.

Comprehensive Insurance Protection 

Comprehensive insurance offers protection against incidents in events aside from collisions and liability. For example, comprehensive coverage will protect you from financial losses if your vehicle is damaged in a natural disaster or is vandalized or stolen. If you finance your vehicle, many finance companies or banks will require you to carry comprehensive insurance coverage. 

If you need help with the level of insurance coverage, you need to suit your specific situation. Our insurance experts are here to help. We work one-on-one with our customers to ensure they get the insight and information they need to select the ideal policy. Once the agent has determined which coverage best suits your current needs, they will recommend policy options and assist with the purchase, any changes, and even submitting claims for a covered event.

Find Out More Today 

Individuals living in or around the Pomona, CA area should call or stop by the THINK Insurance & Financial Services office to consult with one of our knowledgeable agents. We are committed to providing customer service that helps individuals secure the right insurance policies to protect and offer them security. Don’t wait to get the auto insurance protection you need. Get started today.

Do I Need Full Coverage Auto Insurance for My Electric Car?

Congratulations! You’ve finally done it. You took the plunge and bought an electric car. Now that you’ve made this major purchase, you must protect your investment with full coverage auto insurance. This blog post will discuss three key benefits of full coverage auto insurance for electric car owners in Pomona, CA.


When you have full auto insurance coverage, your car is fully protected in an accident or other covered incident. With comprehensive collision coverage, you won’t have to worry about footing the entire bill if your car is damaged or totaled in an accident. Instead, your insurance company will pick up the tab (up to your policy limits, of course). A THINK Insurance & Financial Services representative can help you select the proper coverage limits for your needs.

Lower Repair Costs

If you only have liability insurance, you’ll pay 100% of the repair costs if your car is damaged in an accident deemed to be your fault. However, if you have full coverage auto insurance, your insurance company will foot a portion of the repair bill (again, up to your policy limits). This can save you considerable money over time, especially if you’re involved in multiple accidents.

Coverage for Non-Accidents

Full coverage auto insurance also protects your car in the event of non-accident damages, such as hail damage, theft, and vandalism. If one of these perils damages your vehicle, you’ll be glad to have comprehensive and collision coverage to fall back on.

There are many benefits to having full coverage auto insurance for your electric car. To learn more about coverage in Pomona, CA, contact your THINK Insurance & Financial Services representative.

Tips to Help Prevent Accidents When the Roads Are Wet

At THINK Insurance & Financial Services, we provide auto insurance to residents in the greater Pomona, CA area. We have seen our fair share of accidents caused by rain and slick roads, and we want to help our customers stay safe if they travel when the roads are wet. Here are a few tips that may help prevent accidents when the roads are wet. 

Ensure Your Tires Have Enough Tread on Them

One of the best tips to keep you safe when driving on slick terrain is ensuring your tires have enough treads. If your tires are worn down, they cannot grip the road either, leading to slipping and sliding. If your tires are nearing the end of their lifespan, replace them before the rainy season. 

Slow Down and Drive Properly For the Conditions

Another tip to help prevent accidents while driving when the roads are wet is to slow down and drive appropriately for the conditions. Never speed in the rain, as this can lead to an accident. If you have trouble seeing or navigating in the rain, drive slower than the suggested speed limits. 

Keep More Distance Between Cars and Avoid Heavy Braking

Lastly, when driving in the rain or on slick roads, ensure you keep enough distance between cars and avoid heavy braking. You need more space to brake on slick roads, and heavy braking can lead to your vehicle sliding on wet roads. 

One of the best ways to stay safe when the roads are wet is to avoid driving unless you have to. If you have to drive on slick roads, always follow the above tips to help you stay safe. If an accident does occur, having excellent auto insurance is important. The staff at THINK Insurance & Financial Services, serving the greater Pomona, CA area, can help you with the best auto insurance for your needs. Call or email us today to learn more. 

Things to do to get your vehicle ready for summer

With more than 24,000,000 licensed drivers in California, chances are you will have plenty of company when you decide to hit the road. Pamona, CA is located in densely populated Los Angeles County.

At THINK Insurance & Financial Services, we are one of California’s largest independently owned insurance agencies. We are committed to providing our customers with the service and prices they are looking for. 

With summer just around the corner, it is time to start preparing for all the driving that comes with summer. You want your car to be at its best and, most of all, to be safe. 

Check your tires

If you plan on enjoying the road during the summer, it’s vital that you make sure that your tires have enough tread to get you safely through your trips. If your tires show signs of wear, make an appointment to get new ones installed. Make sure that you have a tire pressure gauge, a pump, and a can of Fix a Flat in your trunk. Check to make sure you have a spare tire and a jack. 

Get the air conditioner checked

Making sure that your A/C is working well will keep you from having some very uncomfortable trips. You should get your unit checked yearly. 

Replace your windshield wipers

Nothing is worse than being caught in a rainstorm with faulty wipers. It can be hazardous. 

Check all your fluids.

Ensure that your radiator is filled and that your oil, transmission, and steering fluids are all topped off.  This should all be taken care of as part of a visit to your local oil-changing business or auto dealership. 

Contact THINK Insurance & Financial Services in Pamona, CA if you want the benefits that only an independent insurance agent can provide.

The Different Types of Auto Insurance Coverage

There are a few different types of coverage you can choose from when it comes to car insurance. Understanding the differences between these types is essential, as it can help you make the best decision for your needs. Below is an overview of each type of coverage.

1. Collision Coverage

This type of coverage helps pay for damages to your vehicle that a collision with another object has caused. This can include hitting a guardrail, another car, or even a tree. It’s essential to have this type of coverage if you want to be able to repair your vehicle after an accident.

2. Comprehensive Coverage

Are you worried about the damage to your car from things other than a collision? Then comprehensive coverage may be a good option for you. This type of coverage can help pay for repairs or replacement if your car is damaged by events such as fire, theft, or vandalism. If you have a loan on your vehicle, the lender often requires this type of coverage.

3. Liability Coverage

Liability coverage helps to protect you from financial damages if you are found liable for an accident. This can include things like medical expenses and property damage. It’s important to have this type of coverage if you don’t want to be responsible for paying these costs out of your own pocket.

4. Medical Payments Coverage

This coverage helps to pay for your medical expenses after an accident. This can include X-rays, hospital stays, surgery, and more. It’s a good idea to have this type of coverage if you want to be sure your medical expenses are covered.

5. Uninsured/Underinsured

The coverage protects you if you are hit by a driver who does not have insurance or does not have enough insurance to cover the damage. This can be a valuable type of coverage, as it can help protect you financially if you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver.

Need Auto Insurance in Pomona, CA?

Now that you know more about the different types of auto insurance coverage, it’s time to decide which one is right for you. THINK Insurance & Financial Services can help you choose and find the best policy for your needs. Contact us today to get started!