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5 Reasons to Care More About Auto Insurance

The moment you buy auto insurance is the moment you likely forget about it. It’s just another responsibility to check off a list. But auto insurance is a major purchase, and one THINK Insurance & Financial Services knows you should pay more attention to.

1. It Protects You

if an uninsured motorist hits you, insurance may be the only thing that helps you pay for the damages. It’s a safety net that keeps your finances from being sucked away, and there are a variety of events it helps you with.

2. You May Not Have the Right Policy

If you’ve chosen the bare minimum of coverage, there’s likely a few scenarios that will end up costing you more than you can afford. For example, California has its own limits when it comes to bodily and property damage, and everything else you pay will be out of pocket.

3. Insurance Can Be the Best Source of Advice

Knowing who to call can be just as important as the research you may do on your own. If you live in Pomona, CA, you’re going to want to work with someone who can actually help you, and answer your questions as honestly as possible.

4. It’s Not Just About You

Insurance helps every driver on the road, not just you. The roads cannot stay safe if people don’t practice security in their daily lives, and insurance is an exceptionally large part of that.

5. The Company You Keep Is Important

THINK Insurance & Financial Services serves the people of Pomona, CA, and we’re here to make it easy to both obtain and understand insurance. We can help the new and the seasoned drivers alike. If you’re looking for information or a new quote, then give us a call today!

Ways to Have a More Successful Yard Sale

Yard sales are good ways to make some extra money while also making some more room in your home by removing things that you no longer use. However, when you want to have a yard sale in Pomona, CA, you simply cannot have one on a whim if you want to be successful. Use these tips from THINK Insurance & Financial Services so you can have a more successful yard sale this year:

  • Invite your neighbors to join. If you live in an area with several residences, you should ask if anyone else wants to join in. The more people you have, the more traffic you will have because they can help spread the word and people like to come to big yard sales.
  • Clean the items before selling them. Even if they are not blatantly dirty, you should clean them before you put them out. People are more likely to purchase things that are clean than they are if they are dirty or dusty.
  • Plan it for the weekend and advertise. You should make sure you schedule it for the weekend so you can get more people to come. You should also take the time to put some signs out ahead of time so people can see them during the week.

You should have a great home insurance policy to protect all of the things you are keeping as well as your finances. If you do not already have one in place, be sure to contact THINK Insurance & Financial Services serving Pomona, CA. They can help find a policy that fits your needs and your budget. If you do have one, they can make sure you do not have gaps in coverage and that you are not paying too much.

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