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If my vehicle is repaired at any auto shop that I select, will my insurance company reimburse me?

After an accident in Pomona, California, you may be tempted to take your vehicle to your preferred auto shop to handle the repairs. Depending on the auto insurance policy that you purchased, you may or may not be reimbursed for the full cost of the repairs.

Insurance Policy Details

Some insurance companies may require that you take the vehicle to an auto shop that they selected. If that is the case, then you may not be able to take the car to your preferred auto shop for repairs because the insurer will not pay for the damages.

The reason that insurers may ask that you take the vehicle to a specific shop is the information and charges that are added to the repairs. Your shop may charge a different rate, so the insurer may not be willing to pay for the repairs. Even though some insurers may have specific shops for vehicle owners, other companies may reimburse you for the repairs at any shop. Read your policy to determine if a clause will limit your options.

Claiming a Reimbursement

If your insurer allows you to take the vehicle to any shop, then you may claim a reimbursement on your auto insurance policy. The insurer may ask that you provide an estimate before any work is started if you want to get a reimbursement. When the insurer has approved the work, make a claim with proof of the expense after the work is completed.

Repairs on your car may or may not require the assistance of a specific shop. Depending on your insurer, you may or may not be able to claim a reimbursement. Contact us to talk to an agent for more information.

Is my child who is covered under my policy, still covered by my policy while driving someone else’s car?

Putting a teenaged child under your auto insurance policy is an important part of protecting your vehicle, your child and any passengers in the car. Even though you may have added your teen to your policy, in most cases it will not apply when your child is driving someone else’s car.

Responsibility of the Owner

When another person allows your teenager to drive his or her car, it is that individual’s responsibility to cover the liability and potential damages that may arise if an accident occurs. Even if you have coverage for your teen on your auto insurance policy, the plan is designed specifically for the vehicle or vehicles that are listed in the current plan.

Your coverage does not protect a car that is not under your policy. As a result, your teen is not specifically covered for any vehicle that he or she borrows.

Automatic Coverage

Even though your policy may not provide coverage, the owner of the vehicle is still required to have appropriate protection according to state laws. Any individual who is given permission by the owner to drive the car will be covered as long as he or she does not live in the same household as the owner of the vehicle.

Since every insurer is different, the details of your coverage plan as well as the other individual’s policy may vary. If you are not sure about the current coverage in a particular situation, then you should contact your insurer to find out the full details.

It can be hard to determine the appropriate protection for a teenager who is driving several vehicles. Contact us to talk to an agent for more information about protecting your teen driver.

Should I buy collision insurance if I have an old car?

Taking measures to protect your vehicle as well as the other cars that are on the road can seem challenging, especially if you own an older car in Pomona, California and you are not sure that it is worth full coverage. Depending on your particular situation, it may or may not be appropriate to consider collision insurance for your old vehicle.

Value of the Car

A key factor to consider when it comes to deciding on the appropriate coverage for your vehicle is the current value of the car. If your old car is not worth much, then it may not make sense to purchase additional collision insurance. On the other hand, if your car is a classic vehicle or it is still worth a reasonable amount, then the coverage may be a useful way to avoid high-cost bills in the future.

Necessity of the Vehicle

Even though an old car may not be worth a large sum if you sell it, you will want to consider how much you personally need the vehicle before selecting an insurance policy.

A car that is your sole mode of transportation may be a necessary part of getting to your work, obtaining groceries or otherwise managing your normal activities. An accident may prevent you from managing all of your responsibilities, so the coverage may be appropriate if you are concerned about the loss of your time. When you need the car on a regular basis, the additional coverage may be a useful way to maintain your peace of mind.

Purchasing the right insurance for your car can seem confusing because so many options are available. Contact us to talk to an agent for more information about the best policies based on your goals and concerns.

What’s my coverage if someone has an injury on my property?

When an injury takes place on your property, it is likely that your house insurance policy will provide some protection to pay for the cost of medical bills and related expenses. Even though every situation is different and your coverage may vary, it is likely that you can make a claim on your policy to limit the financial strain that you may face.

Cost of Medical Bills

Regardless of the situation, most house insurance policies will provide enough coverage to pay for any medical bills or the related expenses associated with the medical bills.

The insurer may ask for proof regarding the amount of the bill or the cost of any equipment that the injured individual may need, but the cost is usually provided after you have paid any deductible on your plan. Depending on the injuries, the amount that is provided will vary.

Lost Income

In some cases, insurers may offer additional coverage to pay for the lost income that is directly related to the injuries. For example, if the individual is not able to work for one week, then your insurer may pay for the lost income so that the individual and their family do not face any financial strains.

Lost income coverage may have some limitations, so you might need to pay for some of the additional costs if the individual or their family members decide to take you to court for the remaining expenses.

Injuries can cause a variety of problems, but it does not mean that you have not options to help reduce the financial impact of the situation. If an injury takes place on your property, then your house insurance may pay for some of the bills. Contact us to talk to an agent for more details.

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