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How To Handle An Act Of Residential Vandalism

If your Pomona, CA home insurance policy covers vandalism, you should familiarize yourself with the steps to take if your home is vandalized. Then, contact an agent at THINK Insurance & Financial Services for more information.


Vandalizing a home involves the intentional act of defacing the property. It includes damaging structural materials and personal possessions. It also includes damage that occurs to the land itself. Your insurance policy will outline the types of vandalism that your policy covers.

Contact your Agent

Once vandalism has been detected, you must notify your insurance company. An agent who serves Pomona, CA should be contacted at your earliest convenience.


You should acquire proof of what occurred at your residence. Photographs and video footage will substantiate your insurance claim. You should only take pictures and record footage once you know the premises are safe.

Since vandalism is a criminal act, it is important to contact law enforcement. A police officer who is dispatched to your residence will prepare a report. The report will substantiate your insurance claim. Keep a copy of this report in a safe place. You will need to turn in the report when you are ready to file an insurance claim.


Adding security devices to your home will prevent vandalism from occurring again. Review products that are designed to protect your land and your residence. Surveillance equipment, alarms, and locks are some items that will increase security day and night.

Reach out to THINK Insurance & Financial Services

Contact a THINK Insurance & Financial Services agent at your earliest convenience. They will help you file an insurance claim. They will also update your existing coverage if you want to modify your policy.

Does My Personal Auto Insurance Covers Business Travel?

If you use your vehicle for work purposes, having the right auto insurance is important. Whether you travel to see clients or deliver products with your personal vehicle, it’s important to consider commercial auto coverage to limit your liability. At THINK Insurance & Financial Services in Pomona, CA, our agents can evaluate your existing auto insurance and help you obtain the right commercial auto insurance policy.

Your Personal Auto Insurance Doesn’t Cover Business Travel

Personal auto policies aren’t designed with work accidents in line. Whether you or an employee drive for business-related purposes, you may find yourself footing the bill for repairs if you fail to obtain the right insurance.

Although your personal auto insurance doesn’t cover business use, you can still protect your private vehicle as well as your commercial fleet. Talk to your insurance agent to determine how to reduce your liability with the proper coverage.

Although it’s rare, many things can go wrong whenever you or an employee get behind the wheel. Commercial auto insurance may cover medical expenses, property damage, legal fees, and other liabilities associated with work-related car accidents.

What’s Covered Under Commercial Auto Insurance?

In a basic plan, commercial auto insurance typically pays for damage to other vehicles in an accident you cause, damage to your vehicle in case of an uninsured or underinsured motorist, and many of the same expenses covered by your personal auto insurance.

Collision coverage covers the cost to repair and replace your vehicle if you hit another object besides a car. This may include wildlife that runs out in front of your vehicle, causing damage. You and other authorized drivers and all passengers may receive medical coverage for injuries incurred in business-related accidents.

Some policies also cover lost wages and legal fees where applicable. Find out more about potential coverage options when you speak to your agent. Our team will tailor coverage to your business needs. Contact THINK Insurance & Financial Services today to schedule a free consultation regarding commercial auto insurance in Pomona, CA.

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