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Fall Home Checklist For Indoors And Outdoors

There is a checklist that you should follow for your home during the fall months. This includes what you can do indoors and outdoors. You don’t want to encounter problems with your home that could require you to file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance. By taking the time to perform some maintenance, you have the ability to protect your home a little bit more.

Indoor Checklist

Your indoor checklist is going to include your doors, fans, HVAC system, and even your chimney/fireplace if you have one.

  • Weather strip and caulk around doors and windows in order to reduce the draft
  • Clean the chimney
  • Inspect your heater
  • Reverse your ceiling fans
  • Replace batteries in all of your smoke detectors

All of these can go a long way to reducing energy costs as well as making sure your home is prepped properly for the winter that is fast approaching.

Outdoor Checklist

Your outdoor checklist is going to include such things as your roof, gutters, and driveway.

  • Check for cracks in your driveway so that they can be filled before snow and ice arrive
  • Inspect the roof to replace loose or missing shingles
  • Clean out the gutter so that the clog doesn’t result in an ice dam

Homeowners insurance is going to cover an array of problems that you encounter, but the better option is to prevent problems from occurring to begin with. You need to be a responsible homeowner and following the fall home checklist can go a long way.

At THINK Ins & Financial Services we are here to help you find affordable homeowners insurance. Call today and learn more about how you can protect your home in Pomona indoors and out and let us get quotes for you from top insurance companies.


Protect Your Pooch In The Hotter Months

Your pooch needs to be protected during the hot months. Just as you suffer from the hot weather in Pomona, your pooch is going to do the same unless you learn how to protect them. The good news is that there are plenty of easy ways for you to provide protection without going out of your way.

One of the easiest things to remember should be to never leave your dog inside of the vehicle when you go anywhere. As they pant, all of that hot air gets trapped inside, and they are going to overheat even faster. Many dogs have died as a result of their owners leaving them inside the vehicle, even during short trips into the store.

Leave out plenty of water for your pooch as well. This goes for whether your dog stays indoors or outdoors. If you plan on taking your dog somewhere, such as the park, hiking, or anywhere else, bring a collapsible bowl as well as a bottle of water so that your dog can take a drink whenever needed.

Make sure that your dog has some kind of paw protection. Just as you don’t want to walk on hot pavement because it hurts the bottoms of your feet, your dogs don’t want to, either. The pads on their paws are very sensitive and there are various products that you can purchase to protect their pads.

You also want to know about the signs for overheating. If your dog starts to pant a lot or their body heat is creeping up, get a wet towel across them and cool down their feet. If you aren’t already in the shade, be sure to get there.

Call us at THINK Ins & Fin Svs LLC to learn about how to get an affordable policy in Pomona, CA. We can help you get a great quote and get the coverage you need.


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