Should I buy collision insurance if I have an old car?

Taking measures to protect your vehicle as well as the other cars that are on the road can seem challenging, especially if you own an older car in Pomona, California and you are not sure that it is worth full coverage. Depending on your particular situation, it may or may not be appropriate to consider collision insurance for your old vehicle.

Value of the Car

A key factor to consider when it comes to deciding on the appropriate coverage for your vehicle is the current value of the car. If your old car is not worth much, then it may not make sense to purchase additional collision insurance. On the other hand, if your car is a classic vehicle or it is still worth a reasonable amount, then the coverage may be a useful way to avoid high-cost bills in the future.

Necessity of the Vehicle

Even though an old car may not be worth a large sum if you sell it, you will want to consider how much you personally need the vehicle before selecting an insurance policy.

A car that is your sole mode of transportation may be a necessary part of getting to your work, obtaining groceries or otherwise managing your normal activities. An accident may prevent you from managing all of your responsibilities, so the coverage may be appropriate if you are concerned about the loss of your time. When you need the car on a regular basis, the additional coverage may be a useful way to maintain your peace of mind.

Purchasing the right insurance for your car can seem confusing because so many options are available. Contact us to talk to an agent for more information about the best policies based on your goals and concerns.