Is my child who is covered under my policy, still covered by my policy while driving someone else’s car?

Putting a teenaged child under your auto insurance policy is an important part of protecting your vehicle, your child and any passengers in the car. Even though you may have added your teen to your policy, in most cases it will not apply when your child is driving someone else’s car.

Responsibility of the Owner

When another person allows your teenager to drive his or her car, it is that individual’s responsibility to cover the liability and potential damages that may arise if an accident occurs. Even if you have coverage for your teen on your auto insurance policy, the plan is designed specifically for the vehicle or vehicles that are listed in the current plan.

Your coverage does not protect a car that is not under your policy. As a result, your teen is not specifically covered for any vehicle that he or she borrows.

Automatic Coverage

Even though your policy may not provide coverage, the owner of the vehicle is still required to have appropriate protection according to state laws. Any individual who is given permission by the owner to drive the car will be covered as long as he or she does not live in the same household as the owner of the vehicle.

Since every insurer is different, the details of your coverage plan as well as the other individual’s policy may vary. If you are not sure about the current coverage in a particular situation, then you should contact your insurer to find out the full details.

It can be hard to determine the appropriate protection for a teenager who is driving several vehicles. Contact us to talk to an agent for more information about protecting your teen driver.