What’s my coverage if someone has an injury on my property?

When an injury takes place on your property, it is likely that your house insurance policy will provide some protection to pay for the cost of medical bills and related expenses. Even though every situation is different and your coverage may vary, it is likely that you can make a claim on your policy to limit the financial strain that you may face.

Cost of Medical Bills

Regardless of the situation, most house insurance policies will provide enough coverage to pay for any medical bills or the related expenses associated with the medical bills.

The insurer may ask for proof regarding the amount of the bill or the cost of any equipment that the injured individual may need, but the cost is usually provided after you have paid any deductible on your plan. Depending on the injuries, the amount that is provided will vary.

Lost Income

In some cases, insurers may offer additional coverage to pay for the lost income that is directly related to the injuries. For example, if the individual is not able to work for one week, then your insurer may pay for the lost income so that the individual and their family do not face any financial strains.

Lost income coverage may have some limitations, so you might need to pay for some of the additional costs if the individual or their family members decide to take you to court for the remaining expenses.

Injuries can cause a variety of problems, but it does not mean that you have not options to help reduce the financial impact of the situation. If an injury takes place on your property, then your house insurance may pay for some of the bills. Contact us to talk to an agent for more details.