Why Renter’s Insurance?

Renter’s Insurance is a type of insurance policy that protects the valuables that you own and it isn’t too expensive.  You can get renter’s insurance for your belongings and maybe lower your stress level a bit in the process.  If you have a vehicle that is already covered, many carriers can bundle your policies and even give you a better price at the same time.

Yes, you do need renter’s insurance because even though your landlord might have an insurance policy on the property, it won’t cover your belongings.  You need to be the one to pony up and protect your own stuff.

Depending on the carrier, renter’s insurance can cover personal property such as bikes, electronics, furniture and even computers.  It might also be able to cover losses that are caused by things like the weather – snow, sleet, weight of ice, lightning, hail, wind, storms and fire as well as non – weather things such as vehicles, aircraft, riots, vandalism and theft.  Make sure that you go over these things with your carrier though to be sure what is and isn’t covered.

While renter’s insurance is a great thing to have, it won’t cover everything.  Harm to people or property that was intentional may not be covered.  Professional services might not be covered either. 

This type of insurance is truly affordable and allows you to cover thousands of dollars’ worth of property for around a dollar a day.  You can save even more too when you bundle the coverage with your car insurance most of the time.

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