Why House Maintenance Matters

We often move into a house thinking it will be our “forever home”, but plans change all the time.  Sometimes people think they will enjoy life in a suburb, like Pomona, CA only to find out they want to be closer to Los Angeles.  Whatever the reason, THINK Insurance & Financial Services knows that house maintenance is something that should not be overlooked.  Taking the time to fix things before you place your house on the market will save you money in the long run.  

The Cost of a House in Pomona

It has been said that the median price of a house listed for sale in Pomona, CA is $379,894 and the value of houses is predicted to increase 1.4% over the next year.  What we get on a house when it is listed depends heavily on the condition of the house.  

What to Fix Before Moving


  • Floors:  If you have hardwood floors keep it.  If they aren’t new you might get more if you get the floors refinished. 
  • Carpet:  If you have carpeting the bedroom or other areas of the house make sure it is clean.  Tan or neutral carpets work best when selling a house.

        Paint Ceiling and Walls 

  • Wallpaper:  That wallpaper that you loved is not something that buyers will like.  Paying to take it down could be the difference between your house selling or not.
  • Painting:  Paint wood paneling.  Get rid of “popcorn ceilings” to make it sale better.


       Kitchen remodels might be the most expensive thing when listing a house and resurfacing cabinets and countertops may be the cheaper option. 

THINK Insurance& Financial Services wants you to get the best value for the house, so taking time to get these repairs done will save you when you if and when you decide to move.