Why Auto Insurance Should Go Above State Minimums

When you buy auto insurance, it’s important to look at what you’re getting. You want to get a policy you can rely on in Pomona, CA. This means not only adhering to the state minimums for liability, but going above and beyond these as well.

Why Go Above?

The state dictates the minimum level of coverage you must have an auto insurance policy. This means an insurance company won’t allow you to go below these levels. Although it costs more to add more coverage, it’s not a lot in most instances.

Your goal should be to reduce the amount of money you have to pay out of pocket in an accident. Most of the time, you will pay your deductible, and that’s it. However, there will be instances where you have to pay for an accident beyond what the liability coverage on your policy covers. For example, if you have $25,000 worth of property coverage and you cause $40,000 worth of damage, you might be held financially responsible for the remaining $15,000.

How Much Above?

The amount you decide to go above the state minimums is up to you. Not only do you want to consider increasing the liability levels, but also adding coverage that the state doesn’t require. This includes comprehensive coverage, so you are covered against things that don’t involve driving.

Our agents at THINK Insurance & Financial Services will be able to help you determine how much above state minimums you should go. This will depend on your budget as well as the kinds of accidents you have been involved in throughout the past few years.

Contact us at THINK Insurance & Financial Services today to find out more about auto insurance. Our independent agents will be able to get quotes from multiple companies and help to find an affordable policy.