Re-Evaluating the Value of Your Home

After the economic crisis brought on by the real estate market collapse in America that started in 2006, the prices of homes in the Pomona, CA area plummeted, just like they did in many other parts of the country. The good news is that the home values in Pomona, CA have returned to match or exceed what they were before the crisis hit.

There are different types of home insurance. Some set the maximum value of the insurance coverage to a certain value amount. Other insurance policies have an annual escalation clause to take into account the replacement value of the home. The more sophisticated insurance policies that insure the replacement value are, in general, superior. The replacement calculation should be renewed each year and taken into consideration when setting the home insurance values.

This is a good point for consideration. Pay attention to anything significant things that may have changed in the home over the previous year.

All of these improvements create the need for a new re-evaluation of the replacement cost of a home. This is a good reason why it is a great idea to conduct a home replacement valuation each year. The total figure from this analysis is very useful to make sure you have adequate insurance coverage.

This is how to make sure you have the proper level of home insurance to cover the costs to rebuild your home if necessary because of a disaster.

Be sure to check with your agent at Think Insurance & Financial Services in Pomona, CA for any questions about your home insurance and to make sure you have adequate coverage for replacement value.

It is always better to been prepared in the case of a serious disaster emergency and to have proper home insurance coverage for the replacement value of your home.