Tools Every Driver Should Have

Emergency situations can happen at any time while you’re driving. For instance, you could find yourself stranded on a back road with a flat tire or with a dead battery. The professionals may have a boatload of specialty tools for any situation, but you only need a few staples to fix some of the less complicated problems. 

1. A Light

Your car has many spots that aren’t very well lit or don’t have any lighting but are still important to the function of your vehicle. Not to mention, when it’s dark outside, this makes matters even worse because there isn’t natural light to work by. Always have an inspection light in your vehicle. It can help when you’re inspecting your car or when you’re working on it and need some extra light. 

2. Screwdrivers

You may not want to carry around your entire screwdriver set, but you should at least have one Philips and one flat-head screwdriver. You may even want multiple sizes of each variety of screwdriver. Add a Torx screwdriver if you have one. This is the star-headed screwdriver.  They aren’t used frequently, but they are used in the car and may be the difference between you fixing your truck and not having a way home. 

3. OBD II Code Reader

An OBD II Code Reader aids in the diagnosis process of an engine. When the check engine light comes on or your vehicle fails an emissions test, you can use it to find out the code for what’s wrong. Nowadays, they’re compatible with your smartphone. You might not be able to fix the engine problem, but at least you’ll know what could possibly be wrong and if it’s worth it to fix it. 

4. Jack, Socket Set and Wrench Set

Another tip is to always have a jack, socket set and a wrench set. 

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