Things to Know Before Letting Someone Borrow Your Car

Letting someone borrow your car is a big deal. Because it is something that you should not take lightly, there are a few things that you should consider before you ever let someone else drive your car. This is true even if they are a friend or family member. Consider these things before you let someone else take the wheel of your personal car. 

  • Make sure that the person who is asking to drive your car is currently licensed to drive. Make sure that their license isn’t expired or suspended before you give them the keys.
  • Understand their driver history. You will want to know what their driving history is. It will tell you a lot about how they will drive your car today. If they have speeding tickets or a lot of accidents, you should reconsider if you really want them to borrow your car. 
  • Check your current policy to ensure that it is up to date as well as if it will cover another driver for your vehicle. These are two things to make sure of before you let another person drive your car. 
  • Ask them how long they plan on using the vehicle. Using it one time is one thing but using it a lot in the future can be an entirely different ballgame. You may not even be able to let them use the car that frequently but it is also something to consider for insurance purposes. If they need to use it a lot, you may even want to consider adding them to your policy or seeing if they will add your car to theirs. 

Before letting someone else drive your car, it is important to know these things. Contact THINK Insurance & Financial Services serving Ponoma, California to take a look at your policy.