5 Surprise Uses for Cleaning Supplies in Pomona, CA

Having a clean car inside and out makes for safer driving.  Dirty windshields and trash on car floors make you disoriented and can distract your driving and old oil in your interior hinders the engine performance of your car. THINK Insurance & Financial Services wants you to ‘think’ about caring for your car making you a more conscientious driver.

Speaking of cleanness did you know that many of your ordinary household cleaning supplies had double to multiple uses?  Here is a prompt from THINK insurance to viewers for using cleaning aids in many ways.

1. Continue to provide for your car’s safety by using your dish detergent as a weed killer.  If weeds grow to high they can actually damage the mud guard or bumper on your car.  While they are less than a foot mix a tablespoon of dish liquid with a cup of salt and gallon of vinegar then pour it over the weeds.  It kills plants, but is safe for children and pets.

2. Toothpaste is one of the best utensil cleaners.  Dampen a section of a dish cloth, put a dime size amount of toothpaste (tartar control is best) on the cloth and rub on tarnished utensils or stained kitchen sinks.

3. Window cleaner serves the double purpose of cleaning your couch and getting rid of insects.  Spray over the opening of cracks where pests hide and your done.  For furniture, spray a little on soiled areas and rub with a cloth.

4. Oven cleaners work wonders on bathtubs.  Pour some on tiles or stained areas on the bathtub, let is set for about 10 – 15 minutes then clean as usual.

5. Break several denture tablets in half and drop them in clogged drains.  Pour boiling water over it and in minutes your drain will be free.