Cutting Down on Clutter: Cleaner Cars Make Safer Drivers

You know taking care of the interior in your car is important because you don’t want to break down on the side of the road or have your car fail to start on important days. What you may neglect is picking up the trash out of your car or wiping down the windows. Surely that’s not important enough as changing your oil? Dirty cars can mean emergencies just as damaging as engine failure. Here are a few tips to keep Pomona drivers safer through cleaning. 

The Beauty of the Open Road 

Long road trips call for fun songs, rolled-down windows and lots of stops to see the sights. They also call for meals on the go. Keep your meal in a shower caddy, so you won’t have to try to grab your burger out of the bag. To avoid that same burger wrapper flying into your face by an unexpected breeze (or worse, flying into another car’s window), keep a trash bag in plain sight of you. Remember to keep drinks in cup holders until you throw them away.

More Tips 

For a cheaper alternative to an air freshener, you can keep a box of dryer sheets at the ready to keep your call smelling great. That won’t save your life, but it will make your drive more pleasant. You should also be sure to clean your windows frequently — even when you think you can see just fine out of them. You may not have the visibility you think you do, especially if the weather changes.  

Going the Extra Mile 

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