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Condo Renovations and How They Relate to Your Insurance Coverage

How Renovations Could Affect Your Condo Insurance

Altering the structure of your condominium could require changes to the type of insurance coverage you need. Consider the following renovations and their effects on your insurance, then consult with our representatives in Pomona, CA, for advice on personal insurance policy alterations.

New Features

The introduction of new features to your condominium may change the layout of your living space and possibly enhance the value of your home. It’s beneficial to keep track of any new features added. Storing receipts and noting changes can be useful when the need to update your policy arises.

Security Concerns

Your renovations could affect your condominium’s security features. New locks, surveillance equipment, and other security features might reduce the likelihood of breaking and entering, thus preventing a loss of belongings. When you upgrade your condo’s security, explore various insurance options suiting the protective features of your residence.

Outdoor Additions

Any external items added to your condominium’s living space may require changes to your insurance policy. New landscaping elements, patio furniture, and other valuable additions should be considered when updating your insurance coverage.

Contact THINK Insurance & Financial Services

Insurance policies should be updated according to changes made to your condominium. For any queries concerning your current condo insurance policy, reach out to an agent at THINK Insurance & Financial Services today. We have you covered.

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