In Pomona, CA: Is Condo Insurance Treated the Same Way as Home Owner’s Insurance?

The agents of THINK Insurance & Financial Services serve residents who live in and around the Pomona, CA area. They specialize in various types of insurance including homeowner’s policies and those designed for condo owners. Owning a condo is a convenient blend of owning a home while living in a maintained building that holds several different units. This can lead to a unique set of circumstances when it comes to insurance coverage.

Condo insurance acts just like a homeowner’s policy in many ways. It reimburses you for your personal items if they are damaged, destroyed in a fire or stolen. It also protects the interior of your condo and will pay to cover the repairs to any damage that occurs within your living area. Your condo insurance will not cover damage outside your living area, however. Any damage that occurs outside of your living area is covered by the condo association.

Another benefit is the medical coverage that is afforded to guests who are injured while visiting you in your condo. This personal liability coverage. If your condo is damaged for any reason and you are unable to stay there, your condo insurance will pay for you to rent a hotel or other apartment until it is repaired and fully functional.

In Pomona, CA, the agents of THINK Insurance & Financial Services are available to discuss all of your insurance options with you at your earliest convenience. If you own a condo, they can evaluate your unique circumstances and come up with a policy that protects you from financial loss and gives you peace of mind. Schedule an appointment today to have all of your questions about condo insurance answered!