Does home insurance apply to me if I’m renting?

Renting a home or an apartment in Pomona, California may mean that the appropriate insurance to protect your personal belongings will differ from the needs of a homeowner. As a renter, you may not need a home insurance policy. Instead, you will want to consider a renter’s policy that specifically addresses the type of situations you may face.

Renter’s Plans

A renter’s insurance policy is designed to address your specific situation and needs. Depending on the plan that you are considering, the details of the coverage may vary. In general, it will protect your personal belongings from common threats and it will provide some liability protection in case an accident takes place on the property.

Home insurance may not apply to your situation because you do not own the property. The risks that you want to address may not align with the basic policies that are designed for homeowners.

Selecting the Right Plan

As a renter, your needs may focus on your personal belongings and the risks that you are likely to face. You may want a plan that provides protection against theft, damages to your belongings from a fire or even the cost of staying a hotel if your apartment or rented space is damaged and you cannot live in the property.

Depending on your goals, budget and concerns, the best plan for your situation may vary. Comparing your options and getting several quotes will help you narrow down the choices so that you can find a plan that is appropriate.

Renting an apartment or house is different from owning the property. Your level of responsibility is limited, but you may have other concerns to address. Contact us to talk to an agent for more information about the insurance that is appropriate for your needs.