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Four Tips For Backing up Your Renters Insurance Claim

Renters insurance is valuable coverage that protects you in the event of loss, damage, and theft. To ensure a smooth process when making a renters insurance claim with THINK Insurance & Financial Services, serving Pomona, CA, use the following tips.

1. Maintain an Inventory

As soon as you move into your rental unit, take an inventory of your possessions. An easy way to do this is to video everything around each room. Remember to include hidden items inside closets and drawers, paying special attention to valuable items. Get a photo or video of your sports equipment, such as bicycles, skis, etc. Do the same with any rental storage unit you own. When you make a new purchase, photograph it or create another video.

2. Keep Receipts

Keep receipts for any new, valuable purchases you make. Scan the receipts and organize them into a folder on your hard drive. This will make sending the digital file to your insurance company representative easy.

3. Report Theft to the Police

If your loss involves a theft, your insurance company may require you to have a police report. Be sure to report the theft and get a police report, even if you feel the police won’t be able to track down your items.

4. Obtain Surveillance Video

Your rental manager may have outside surveillance video that could have captured the theft on tape. Ask to see the video and obtain a copy, if possible. This could be an essential support piece for your renter’s insurance claim. If you can’t get a copy, let the insurance company know it exists.

Your insurance representative at THINK Insurance & Financial Services, serving Pomona, CA is happy to help you with your renter’s insurance claim questions. Contact us today to learn more.

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