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Will My Home Insurance Pay for Carpet Cleaning in Pomona, CA?

When you need the carpet in your home in Hermosa Village, Eastlake Cottages or any other neighborhood here in Pomona, California, cleaned, you will call your local carpet cleaning company and pay out of your pocket. However, what do you do when there has been water damage – possibly from a busted pipe – and you need your carpet cleaned? Will your homeowners insurance cover it? Read on to learn more.

Typically, home insurance will pay for carpet cleaning if it is required following a bathtub overflow or busted plumbing pipe. However, all water damage is most certainly not covered.

Natural Flooding

Your homeowners insurance typically won't pay for carpet cleaning if the cleaning is needed due to damage from a natural flood. Natural flooding is something that is excluded from most home insurance policies and you must purchase a separate policy to cover flood damage. However, even with a separate policy, the carpet cleaning may not be covered.


In many cases, if you did not maintain upkeep of your home and its plumbing pipes, which is what caused the busted pipe, then your insurance company generally has the right to deny your home insurancecarpet claim.

Call to speak to one of our independent agents that serve the Pomona 91766 area. We are more than happy to discuss what your policy covers and does not cover. This way, if you do not have adequate coverage for flood damage, we can add it for you. Additionally, we can discuss with you about whether your cheap home insurance policy covers carpet cleaning or if it can be covered for an additional cost. Remember, we're here to help and make life easy for you!

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