Wildfire Damaged My Car, Now What?

With modern living in California, the risk of wildfire is becoming more and more of a reality. A home development and communities reach out further and further into areas previously just open land, the interface of high risk zones and property is becoming more of a reality. That involves all types of property as well, not just homes. The number of vehicles being caught up in fire areas as well as being damaged on affected properties is a grow reality as well. Even during an evacuation, cars will be exposed to falling ash, heat, flames, and debris, all of which cause damage small and large.

Fortunately, those with a comprehensive auto policy will find that their coverage can very well address a good amount of the exposure damage and restoration. Much depends, however, on the policy wording as well as the type of policy coverage a car owner had in place prior to the damage occurring. While some policies will deal with issues right from the start, others have deductibles that the car owner has to address first before the coverage kicks in.

For those in the Southern California area and near Pomona, CA, THINK Insurance & Financial Services is well aware of the growing wildfire issues in the general southern state area and can help. They can craft an auto policy that anticipates regional wildfire risk and keeps car owners and homeowners whole. Give them a call to find out more. Sometimes you have to run to get out of the way of a wildfire, but that doesn’t mean you need to take unnecessary losses in the process.