When Renter’s Insurance Isn’t Right For You

Renting a home or an apartment in Pomona, CA can be a wise decision if you can’t afford to buy. However, you should probably consider getting renter’s insurance, except for a few specific circumstances. The following situations are the few moments when we at THINK Insurance & Financial Services think that renter’s insurance isn’t right for you.

Times When You Shouldn’t Get Renter’s Insurance

Most of the time, renter’s insurance is a wise investment. However, some people may be in situations that doesn’t require it. Here are a few situations in which renter’s insurance may not be necessary.

  • Your Living Situation Is Temporary – While renter’s insurance isn’t costly, people who are living in a rented area for a short period probably shouldn’t get renter’s insurance.
  • Your Funds Are Limited – People who don’t have a lot of money to spare on extra insurance coverage should probably avoid getting a policy.
  • Your Landlord Is Shady – Running into a landlord who you can’t trust is always a frustrating and annoying situation. If yours is shady, renter’s insurance might not be wise because they may try to complicate the procedure.
  • Your Landlord Already Has A Policy – If your landlord has taken out a renter’s insurance policy for all of their apartments, you may be covered. Remember, though, that their general building insurance won’t cover your belongings. Talk to them about their policies to learn more.

When Renter’s Insurance Is A Great Idea

Except for those rare situations, renter’s insurance is always a great idea. It provides you with high-quality coverage of your belongings and keeps you from losing everything is a fire, flood, or other disaster affects your apartment or home.

Get The Coverage You Need

At THINK Insurance & Financial Services, we help people in Pomona, CA and the surrounding area get the coverage that they need. If you are renting a home or an apartment and want to avoid total loss, renter’s insurance is a necessary step in the right direction for you.

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