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Top 3 Tips for Purchasing Condo Insurance

Moving into a new condominium in Pomona, CA is exciting, but how do you know how much insurance coverage to purchase? Our THINK Insurance & Financial Services team has compiled this list of the three top tips for purchasing condo insurance.

Tip #1: Look Through Association and Master Policy Documents Carefully

The most important thing to do when purchasing condo insurance is to look through the association and master policy documents carefully. Each one is different and what one complex might deem as a covered component could be completely different at a different property. Clearly determine what you’re responsible for and what the association is responsible for prior to purchasing your policy.

Tip #2: Determine How Much Personal Property Coverage You Need

The next tip is to clearly determine how much personal property coverage you need. Consider a scenario where you had to replace every single item you owned—from your toothbrush and clothing all the way to your 80-inch HDTV. Use this figure to estimate an appropriate amount of personal property coverage. If this still doesn’t seem like enough, consider adding floaters and endorsements to your policy to cover specialty items like guns, jewelry, artwork, or computers.

Tip #3: Decide If You Want Optional Coverages

Another tip? You should also decide if you want optional protection like earthquake or sewer backup coverage. Flood insurance is also extra and not included in a basic condominium policy. These extra safeguards could keep you from having to pay out of pocket costs if there’s a major disaster or a drain backup in your condo community.

At THINK Insurance & Financial Services, we’re here to help Pomona, CA residents with all of their auto and condominium insurance needs. Please call us today to schedule an appointment.


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