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3 Fast and Cheap Hacks for Cleaning Windows

All cleaning be arduous. Of all cleaning tasks, cleaning glass can be especially tedious. At THINK Insurance & Financial Services, we’ve helped people find homeowners insurance; we don’t clean windows. We’ve taken some time, however, to find some ways you can save time on your window cleaning. We wanted to make cleaning your windows as easy as finding a new home insurance policy.

Easy Ways to Clean Windows

Cleaning windows doesn’t take much elbow grease, but it requires the proper supplies. Instead of grabbing a commercial window cleaner and paper towels, make the task easier by using a mixture of vinegar and water and coffee filters. The mixture will work as well as a commercial cleaner, and the coffee filters won’t leave streaks. (Newspapers also work for windows, but the print will stain your hands.) If you come across an especially stubborn spot, you can use a chalkboard eraser to remove it.

Easy Ways to Find Home Insurance

You can likely find homeowners insurance in the same amount of time as it will take to clean your windows. Through our website, you can pull up quotes on homeowners policies available in California. Alternatively, you can call our independent insurance agents.

Serving Pomona, CA, homeowners insurance agents at our office will gladly help you find a policy that meets your needs. They’ll ask you a few questions, which only take a few minutes to answer, and then pull up quotes from multiple insurers in California. Since all of our agents are independent insurance agents, they are free to compare policies from every insurer in the state.

To see just how easy finding homeowners insurance is, log on our website or give us a call. Once you find a policy, use this motivation to wash your windows. You’ll have to call us after and let us know which was faster.


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