Should I have more life insurance than I receive through my job?

Employees can often acquire life insurance through their employee benefits plan when beginning a new job and during open enrollment periods. That leads many to ask whether the life insurance received through work fully meets their needs. The answer depends on several factors, and the THINK Insurance & Financial Services team, serving the Pomona, CA area, will be happy to review them with you.

Life Insurance Through Work

Companies often subsidize employee life insurance coverage as part of their benefits plans, and the plans have advantages for employees:

  • Cost: Companies often provide some coverage for free with the opportunity to buy more.
  • Guaranteed: Employees are eligible for the policies regardless of medical history.
  • Convenient: Acquiring insurance takes little effort.

While these are good reasons to accept or supplement work-related life insurance, the plans often do not meet a family’s complete needs.

  • Limited Coverage: Policies often fall short of coverage recommendations for limited dollar amounts. 
  • Tied to Job: A job change often means a loss of coverage
  • Term: Most are term policies, leaving no value when the term ends.
  • Spouses: Spouses are seldom eligible for coverage.

While you should take steps to get free coverage through work, your need for additional or individual coverage depends on your age, family makeup, job mobility, medical history, and financial resources. Each influences your recommended coverage amount and need for additional life insurance.

Working with The Insurance Shop USA

If you are in the Pomona, CA area, the THINK Insurance & Financial Services team can determine a life insurance plan to fit your needs. Call or stop in today for a quote, so you can get back to living life knowing your family is adequately protected.