Insurance Discounts If You’re A Student

Being a student can be a great thing. There are discounts everywhere if you can show a student ID. You can save money on your car insurance, too. Many insurance companies in California provide all sorts of discounts and you may qualify for them.

Discount #1: Safe Driver

Obviously, insurance companies are going to reward those who have clean driving records over those who don’t. The easiest thing you can do, then, is to focus on being a safe driver. When you don’t have accidents, tickets, or a DUI on your record, it will be easier to get an affordable premium.

Discount #2: Low Mileage

You may be able to get a discount for not driving very much. If you can show that you drive 20 miles or less a day, you may be able to save. If you live on campus or very close by, it can be just what you need to cash in on the savings.

Discount #3: Good Student

Keep your GPA at 3.0 or higher or even land yourself on the dean’s list and you have another reason to get a discount. Many companies will provide you with a good student discount, though it may involve scanning your report card over.

Discount #4: Defensive Driving

If you take a defensive driving course, it can show that you are serious about being a good driver. This goes above and beyond any driver’s ed course that you may have taken in high school. Some insurance companies will reward you with a discount of 10 percent or more after completing such a course.

When you’re in Pomona, CA, it is important to save money on auto insurance. If you are a student, there are various discounts that you may be able to get. Call us at THINK Ins & Fin Svs LLC and let us help you find the right policy.