Does Home Insurance Cover Natural Disasters?

Residents of Pomona, CA know that Californians are at risk for natural disasters. Catastrophes such as wildfires and earthquakes are not uncommon to California. Furthermore, the east coast was recently ravaged by Hurricane Matthew. While California does not get struck by hurricanes very often, California is on the coast and can suffer a hurricane strike at any time. When it comes to home insurance, owners need to know what disasters are covered by the policy and what catastrophes require an additional rider.

First, in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, it is important to address floods. Flood insurance does not come standard with most insurance policies. Flood insurance is typically a separate rider that people need to add to their policy. While this comes with a slightly increased cost, Californians do live on the Pacific coast and should be prepared for a hurricane strike. Make sure that the policy covers flood damage.

Next, earthquake insurance is important for people living on the San Andreas Fault. Earthquake coverage is also a separate policy, typically referred to as earth movement insurance. This will include disasters such as mudslides and avalanches along with earthquakes. This should not be neglected in California. Purchase earth movement insurance.

Finally, there are some policies that will cover wildfire damage. With the dry heat in California, wildfires are a common occurrence. While many policies will cover fire damage, it is essential that residents purchase coverage to cover living expenses. Wildfires frequently cause so much damage that the home cannot be lived in. People are forced into hotels and apartments which can be expensive. Home insurance policies will cover these living expenses if the owner purchases the coverage. 

Pomona, CA is averse to natural disasters. Wildfires and earthquakes are common along the San Andreas Fault. Make sure that everyone knows that catastrophic coverage is included in a home insurance policy. Some riders are required to cover specific natural disasters. Contact the friendly agents at THINK Insurance & Financial Services today for more information.