Buying A Car That Won’t Increase Your Insurance

Are you looking to buy a new car in Pomona, CA and want to avoid paying too much for your insurance? That is understandable, and we at THINK Insurance & Financial Services can help. Here are tips for buying a car that won’t increase your car insurance rates.

Vehicle Value Is Crucial

The value of your vehicle will affect the insurance rate in a simple fashion: cars that are worth more require higher insurance rates. However, cars with very low values may also cost more to insure due to their more breakdown-prone nature. Try to strike a middle ground here.

Consider Vehicle Size

Do you want a huge beast of a vehicle to haul goods or work supplies? Then be prepared to pay a little more for your insurance. Large vehicles cost more to insure because they usually have lower safety ratings than smaller cars. Make sure to investigate which vehicle of this type has the best safety rating to avoid paying too much.

Buy As New As You Can

Older cars will cost more to insure because they are more prone to breakdowns than newer cars. So try to find a car that is as new as possible and which fits into your personal budget. It may cost a little more initially, but it will save you a bundle on your insurance premiums.

Limit The Car’s Power

One odd thing about high-performance vehicles is that they often cost more to insure than cars with lower powered engines. Why is that? High-powered engines are more expensive to repair and may be prone to the kinds of breakdowns that are difficult to perform. So don’t buy a car with high horsepower unless you need it.

These tips will help anyone in Pomona, CA avoid paying too much for insurance when buying a car. If you need any more help here, please don’t hesitate to contact us at THINK Insurance & Financial Services today.