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Does Every Business Need Commercial Insurance?

The Importance of Commercial Insurance for Businesses

Running a business demands attention to numerous details, including securing a reliable commercial insurance policy. For companies in the Pomona, CA area seeking comprehensive coverage, THINK Insurance & Financial Services is here to guide you. Our team can answer your questions and walk you through the process.

Does Your Business Require Commercial Insurance

Most businesses, regardless of their scale or industry, require some form of commercial insurance. Your business should ideally have coverage whether you operate online, out of your home, or at a physical location.

Protection and Coverage Commercial Insurance Offers

Commercial insurance policies are designed to protect the company’s assets while ensuring the welfare of its employees and customers. Such policies help mitigate losses and damages while possibly including other coverages specific to your business’s needs.

Finding the Right Insurance for Your Business

Your business is unique, and as such, so should your insurance policy. The agents at THINK Insurance & Financial Services are capable of guiding you through quotes from various insurers to find the policy offering optimal coverage for your business’s needs.

Let THINK Insurance & Financial Services Help

If you’re in the Pomona, CA region and require assistance finding the right commercial insurance for your business, contact us at THINK Insurance & Financial Services. Our team is committed to providing you with the peace of mind and security your business needs for assured growth and success. Our team can work with you to compare quotes and policies. Let us walk you through the insurance process.

How To Determine If Your Life Insurance Policy Provides Enough Coverage

Is Your Life Insurance Policy Enough?

The proceeds from your life insurance policy can cover your final expenses or any current expenses your loved ones may face. Consider the following points to determine if your policy offers adequate coverage. If adjustments are needed, reach out to THINK Insurance & Financial Services, serving Pomona, CA.

Family Composition

Your policy should rightly reflect your family composition, which could change over time. It’s advised to periodically review and possibly amend the beneficiaries listed in your policy as needed so it remains relevant to your family’s evolving circumstances.

Change in Assets

Significant changes in your assets may necessitate modifications to your life insurance policy. Take the time to conduct a thorough analysis of your resident and business properties and determine the coverage of these assets under your current insurance policy.

Permanent Moves or Major Purchases

Moving residences, opening new businesses, purchasing new equipment, or making significant renovations to your current residence or business are all instances where your life insurance policy may need updating. Adapting your policy to these events ensures that your family is protected against financial loss upon your passing.

Reaching out to THINK Insurance & Financial Services

For any questions or updates regarding your life insurance policy, the agents at THINK Insurance & Financial Services in Pomona, CA, are ready to assist. We can walk you through the process and help you get started with a quote. Contact our team for more information.

How To Handle An Act Of Residential Vandalism

If your Pomona, CA home insurance policy covers vandalism, you should familiarize yourself with the steps to take if your home is vandalized. Then, contact an agent at THINK Insurance & Financial Services for more information.


Vandalizing a home involves the intentional act of defacing the property. It includes damaging structural materials and personal possessions. It also includes damage that occurs to the land itself. Your insurance policy will outline the types of vandalism that your policy covers.

Contact your Agent

Once vandalism has been detected, you must notify your insurance company. An agent who serves Pomona, CA should be contacted at your earliest convenience.


You should acquire proof of what occurred at your residence. Photographs and video footage will substantiate your insurance claim. You should only take pictures and record footage once you know the premises are safe.

Since vandalism is a criminal act, it is important to contact law enforcement. A police officer who is dispatched to your residence will prepare a report. The report will substantiate your insurance claim. Keep a copy of this report in a safe place. You will need to turn in the report when you are ready to file an insurance claim.


Adding security devices to your home will prevent vandalism from occurring again. Review products that are designed to protect your land and your residence. Surveillance equipment, alarms, and locks are some items that will increase security day and night.

Reach out to THINK Insurance & Financial Services

Contact a THINK Insurance & Financial Services agent at your earliest convenience. They will help you file an insurance claim. They will also update your existing coverage if you want to modify your policy.

Does My Personal Auto Insurance Covers Business Travel?

If you use your vehicle for work purposes, having the right auto insurance is important. Whether you travel to see clients or deliver products with your personal vehicle, it’s important to consider commercial auto coverage to limit your liability. At THINK Insurance & Financial Services in Pomona, CA, our agents can evaluate your existing auto insurance and help you obtain the right commercial auto insurance policy.

Your Personal Auto Insurance Doesn’t Cover Business Travel

Personal auto policies aren’t designed with work accidents in line. Whether you or an employee drive for business-related purposes, you may find yourself footing the bill for repairs if you fail to obtain the right insurance.

Although your personal auto insurance doesn’t cover business use, you can still protect your private vehicle as well as your commercial fleet. Talk to your insurance agent to determine how to reduce your liability with the proper coverage.

Although it’s rare, many things can go wrong whenever you or an employee get behind the wheel. Commercial auto insurance may cover medical expenses, property damage, legal fees, and other liabilities associated with work-related car accidents.

What’s Covered Under Commercial Auto Insurance?

In a basic plan, commercial auto insurance typically pays for damage to other vehicles in an accident you cause, damage to your vehicle in case of an uninsured or underinsured motorist, and many of the same expenses covered by your personal auto insurance.

Collision coverage covers the cost to repair and replace your vehicle if you hit another object besides a car. This may include wildlife that runs out in front of your vehicle, causing damage. You and other authorized drivers and all passengers may receive medical coverage for injuries incurred in business-related accidents.

Some policies also cover lost wages and legal fees where applicable. Find out more about potential coverage options when you speak to your agent. Our team will tailor coverage to your business needs. Contact THINK Insurance & Financial Services today to schedule a free consultation regarding commercial auto insurance in Pomona, CA.

Do You Need Commercial Insurance for a Home-Based Business?

If you have a home-based business, you might not need the same type of insurance as someone who has a business outside of the home. However, it’s not a good idea to assume that’s the case. Instead, you want to ensure you’re protecting yourself and your business correctly. For anyone in the Pomona, CA area, that means contacting THINK Insurance & Financial Services to talk about whether you need a commercial insurance policy.

Types of Home Business

There are two main types of businesses based out of the home, and they’re divided by whether they have customers that come to them. If you let customers into your home, it’s a good idea to ensure you have adequate protection in case one of them gets injured. Having a commercial policy can give you that protection since you don’t want to rely on your standard home insurance if you’re operating a business.

Many people operate online or service-based businesses from their homes that don’t require in-person interactions there. If that’s the kind of company you have, especially if you’re a sole proprietor and don’t have employees, it’s likely not necessary for you to have a commercial policy. There isn’t any equipment or product to protect, and you don’t have employees or customers entering your space.

Before you make a definite decision on your insurance needs, though, get in touch with us today at THINK Insurance & Financial Services. We’re here to help Pomona, CA residents get the right help and support for all their commercial insurance needs. Our trusted agents can answer your questions and help you decide whether you need a policy. If you do, we’ll work with you to find the best one for peace of mind.

Why should I get a life insurance plan in California?

If you reside in the Pomona, CA area, you will want to know that you are always appropriately insured for the future. A type of insurance that will guarantee this type of safety is life insurance. There are many reasons why everyone needs to consider getting a proper life insurance plan and will want to maintain it moving forward. 

Offer Financial Support and Protection to Others

It would help if you always looked out for others, particularly your dependents and those you care about. One of the best ways you can do this is by investing in a life insurance plan. When you have a full life insurance policy, you can build it to ensure your dependents have the financial resources they need to live the life they are accustomed to. You can also build a plan that will include financial resources that can be used to cover your end-of-life costs or other obligations. 

Have an Investment Alternative

A life insurance plan can also be used to improve your personal financial and investment plan. Whole life insurance is a unique form of coverage, offering life insurance support and can help you build equity. Over the years, as you make monthly payments, some of your payments will go into an account and build in value. You can convert This liquid asset to cash or use it to post as collateral for other purposes. 

Those living in the Pomona, CA, area must be adequately covered with a life insurance plan. There are a lot of choices to make when looking for this insurance, and our team at THINK Insurance & Financial Services can help. You will get personalized support to build a proper plan when you call us at THINK Insurance & Financial Services. 

Environmental Sustainability and Green Auto Insurance

In a world increasingly focused on environmental sustainability, the auto insurance industry is adapting to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly solutions for those living in and around Pomona, CA. Green auto insurance is emerging as a vital component of this movement, aligning insurance coverage with the principles of environmental responsibility. 

Understanding Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a concept that aims to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It revolves around responsible resource management, conservation, and reducing the environmental impact of human activities.

The Role of Green Auto Insurance

Green auto insurance aligns with the principles of environmental sustainability by offering eco-friendly coverage options. Here’s how it contributes to the cause:

  • Reduced Carbon Emissions: Green auto insurance may incentivize policyholders to drive less, carpool, use public transportation, or opt for electric vehicles (EVs). This reduces carbon emissions and helps combat climate change.
  • Support for Electric Vehicles: Many green insurance policies offer discounts or specialized coverage for electric vehicles, promoting the adoption of cleaner and more energy-efficient modes of transportation.
  • Environmental Initiatives: Some green insurers invest in environmental initiatives and carbon offset programs, using a portion of premiums for reforestation, renewable energy projects, or other eco-friendly endeavors.
  • Sustainable Repairs: Green auto insurance providers may prioritize using environmentally sustainable materials and practices for vehicle repairs, reducing the carbon footprint of repair processes.
  • Personalized Driving Behavior: Some green insurance policies monitor and reward policyholders for eco-friendly driving behaviors, such as avoiding sudden accelerations, speeding, reckless driving, or hard braking. 

THINK Insurance & Financial Services Can Help You

At THINK Insurance & Financial Services, we can help answer questions concerning auto insurance. We serve the Pomona, CA area. Contact us today. 

Safety First in the City of Pomona: Navigating Home Insurance for Your Peace of Mind

Pomona, CA is picturesque and filled with historical and cultural attractions that attract visitors worldwide. 

However, despite its local attractions and historical beauty, Pomona homeowners aren’t immune to the devastating effects of unexpected events like natural disasters, theft, or burglary, which can put a severe dent in one’s finances without the proper insurance in place. 

Why Pomona, CA Homeowners Need Insurance

Home insurance prevents homeowners from paying the total costs of damages and expenses associated with everyday and catastrophic events, typically leading to homeowners paying thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses. 

The insurance professionals at THINK Insurance & Financial Services in Pomona can help you choose the right home insurance to give you peace of mind when you know you’re protected from unexpected disasters and perils. 

Most home insurance policies will typically offer coverage for the exterior and interior of your home, along with additional coverage for your personal property and belongings. 

A knowledgeable and trusted agent at THINK Insurance & Financial Services can discuss the risks associated with not having enough home insurance and the benefits of home insurance with extended coverages, which can reduce your liability in the event of the unexpected. 

Work with a local agent to inventory your belongings, create a realistic financial picture of your coverages, and choose the best policy for your needs. 

Get Home Insurance in Pomona! 

Please don’t wait until an unexpected event happens — and it’s too late to get home insurance coverage. Contact the knowledgeable agents at THINK Insurance & Financial Services in Pomona to learn more about California home insurance policies, get a free quote, and start your home insurance policy today! 

The Two Main Types of Life Insurance

When people around you depend on you, you need to be able to leave them something when you’re gone. You can do this by getting your own life insurance policy. It’s essential for your family to have this type of financial protection. If you don’t have any life insurance or want more, you can contact us at THINK Insurance & Financial Services in Pomona, CA. 

Term Life Insurance

This type is perfect for people on a budget. It is the least expensive of the two main types. This allows many people to get a life insurance policy they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. When you have term life insurance, it’s good for several years. That set number of years is called the term. Once the term has ended, you’ll no longer have this insurance. You’ll have to get a different policy to be covered again. Some people don’t like that the policy expires, but many appreciate the smaller price tag. 

Whole Life Insurance

If you have more to spend, there is a whole life. With this type of life insurance, there is no expiration date. The policy will remain in place if you keep making the payments for it. When you continue to pay your premiums, the insurance company can’t cancel the policy. This life insurance type also has financial protection built in. The policy slowly starts to build its own cash value. Generally, it takes a few years for this amount to build up. Once there is that cash value, the policyholder can borrow that amount if they ever need to. 

Get Life Insurance

No matter which type of life insurance you want, we can help. Call us at THINK Insurance & Financial Services in Pomona, CA.

Four problems you can avoid thanks to your motorcycle insurance policy

If you ride a motorcycle in Pomona, CA, you need to invest in motorcycle insurance. At THINK Insurance & Financial Services, we insure motorcycle owners.

Carrying a motorcycle insurance policy can allow you to avoid various problems as a biker. You can avoid the following four problems thanks to your motorcycle insurance policy.

Facing a lawsuit after a motorcycle accident

Unfortunately, motorcycle riders sometimes get sued after they are involved in an accident. This can happen when a motorcyclist is held liable for accident damages.

The liability coverage of your motorcycle insurance policy covers any lawsuit costs up to the maximum you may face due to a motorcycle accident.  

Being unable to afford needed motorcycle repairs

If you purchase collision and comprehensive coverage, you can get repair costs covered. Without these types of motorcycle insurance coverage, you’ll have to pay out of pocket if you want to get your bike repaired after an accident. 

Being stranded out on the road

Motorcycle insurance policies can include roadside assistance and towing coverage. This type of coverage comes in handy if you break down or get in an accident and are left stranded out on the road as a result. 

Experiencing stress over the possibility of getting in an accident

One of the best benefits of motorcycle insurance is that it gives bikers peace of mind. While it’s always stressful to get in an accident, carrying insurance makes accidents less stressful and financially consequential for motorcycle owners. 

Ready to insure your bike in Pomona, CA? Enjoy stress-free riding with motorcycle insurance coverage from THINK Insurance & Financial Services. Call us or visit us online for a motorcycle insurance policy quote. 

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