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Is it Mandatory To Purchase Renters Insurance in Pomona, CA?

Just like with home insurance, there is no legal obligation for a tenant to have renter’s insurance in Pomona, CA. On the other hand, a lease may include the requirement for the tenant to have liability coverage as a part of the private contract. It still may be a good idea if the tenant has a lot of precious personal items inside of the property. If you would like to protect your personal belongings with renters insurance, consider consulting with THINK Insurance & Financial Services for a great deal.

Renter’s insurance is always a good idea to cover your personal belongings in the event of a disaster. Things covered may be your furniture, electronics, cabinets and other fixtures. What is even more important is having it to cover your liability if someone is injured on your rental property. Keep in mind, renter’s insurance is typically cheaper than home insurance and there may be bundled discounts if you have auto or insurance.

There are some limitation of renter’s insurance. For example, jewelry or collectibles may have a capped coverage limit that is not very high. Some clients are not approved for renter’s insurance if they are pet owners, and those that are approved are usually owners of low-risk breeds.

The minority of renters, although still a significant amount, choose to have renter’s insurance. Considering it is usually at a low cost, it is likely worth it if you have expensive furniture, electronics, and other personal items within the home. If you are looking for an affordable insurance plan in the Pomona, CA area, consider contacting THINK Insurance & Financial Services for a quote.

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