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Don’t Rely on Your Roommate’s Renters Insurance to Insure Your Belongings

Do you have renters insurance? Unless you’re married and have a joint policy, don’t rely on your roommate’s renters insurance to cover your belongings. While most policies include personal property coverage, it only applies to the belongings of the policyholder, not their roommates. If you’re in an apartment in Pomona, CA and don’t have your own renters policy, here’s why you should get one before it’s too late.

Renters Insurance Insures Named Policyholders

Most renters insurance policies only insured the policyholders named on the policy. While there may be a couple of exceptions, such as a child’s toys being insured by their parent’s insurance policy, typically if you don’t pay the renters insurance bill or didn’t sign up for it, you aren’t insured. In apartments where several unrelated individuals live together, everyone needs to have their own policy.

Specific coverages vary from policy to policy, but renters insurance usually includes some form of coverage for your personal possessions. Since only people named on a policy are insured by that policy, though, only their belongings are covered. Therefore, you can’t rely on your roommate’s renters insurance to reimburse you if your possessions are stolen or damaged.

Independent Agents Help Renters Find Insurance

If you don’t have renters insurance, give us at Think Insurance and Financial Services a call. We’ve served many renters in Pamona CA, and we’d love to help you as well. All of our agents are independent insurance agents, which means they can pull quotes from any company offering renters insurance in California. We’ll not only make sure your belongings are insured by your own policy, but we’ll also get you the lowest premiums possible.


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