Recent Changes to Covered California Plans in Pomona, CA

Weaving your way through the health insurance exchanges can be a daunting task in Pomona, CA. Affordable options that have all the benefits your family needs are out there, but it’s difficult to know where to find the information you need to make the best decisions. At THINK Insurance & Financial Services, you can get straight answers to your most pressing questions.

Coverage Changes

Knowing your rights is the first step to choosing optimal coverage from a plan you can afford. Health, dental and vision benefits are available to different degrees under the most recent changes to Covered California.

Most health insurance for individuals and small business owners is labeled Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze to distinguish the level of coverage. Also, there’s a minimum plan available to workers under 30 who are going through financial hardship. Under state law, all comprehensive packages have to include certain essential benefits. Prescription drugs, emergency services, mental health care and other services are divided into 10 categories of coverage for comparison.

Dental and Vision

For vision insurance, kids are covered under every plan on the exchange. While Covered California doesn’t include adult vision care in its health plans, participants are linked with insurance agencies that provide quotes for coverage. This keeps the process transparent in an effort to keep premiums reasonable. California kids are covered for healthy smiles under all plans available for purchase on the exchange. Dedicated pediatric dental care is provided. The exchange does offer dental coverage for adults that are available through family dental plans.

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What Does Renters Insurance Actually Provide?

If you are renting an apartment or home, it is important to get renters insurance to protect yourself, your belongings, and your finances. Remember that all renters insurance policies are different, so not all the policies will protect what we outline below. However, most renters insurance policies will protect:

Your Personal Property

The most important thing that renters insurance covers is your property. For example, if someone stole your electronics and some cash, this would likely be covered by your policy.


In a situation where you were found responsible for the injuries of someone else or for the damage to someone else’s property, you may be sued for these costs. In this situation, the right kind of renters insurance would cover these cases so that you didn’t have to pay for damages out-of-pocket.

Living Expenses in Special Cases

In some situations, your apartment or home may become uninhabitable. For example, let’s say there was a fire in your apartment building, and you could no longer live there for the time being. Renters insurance would cover the cost of a hotel for you to stay in while the apartment building was cleaned up or until you found a new home.

Remember that renters insurance does not cover structural damage to the home or apartment that you’re renting. Your landlord will need to have their own form of coverage to protect these things.

Learn More With THINK Insurance & Financial Services

Pomona, CA residents always choose to THINK Insurance & Financial Services when they want the best in renters insurance! If you are someone who’s renting in Pomona, CA, please consider giving us a call or stopping by our nearest location to find a renters insurance policy that meets your needs. One of our kind and courteous agents can lay out all your renter’s insurance options for you. Give us a call today!

Will Commercial Insurance Cover My Injured Employees?

Those who own businesses always have to worry about what might happen to their employees if they happen to be injured. In fact, it should be one of the biggest concerns for employers because it’s rare that an employee would ever be considered ‘at fault’ for something that happens to them.

Better hiring practices and safety procedures can go a long way to ensuring you don’t fall into this trap, but it may not be able to prevent everything. See how commercial insurance works in Pomona, CA when it comes to injured employees.

Injured Employees Are Covered

THINK Insurance & Financial Services can tell you that your commercial insurance will cover your injured employees if they sustain an accident or chronic illness/condition when on the job. Everything from back pain to a sprained ankle could be considered a workplace injury. It’s the only thing that’s required for business owners to have by the government, as there needs to be some insurance in place in the case of a catastrophic problem. However, that may not be the end of the story.

You May Not Have Enough Coverage

Just because you have some type of coverage though doesn’t mean that you have enough. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook when it comes to helping your employee with their troubles. THINK Insurance & Financial Services can give you more information when it comes to protecting your business from the worst that may occur. Employees may sue for not just the medical bills that they incurred from their injury, but also for ongoing physical therapy and for lost wages. The worst case scenarios can end up wiping out a business completely. To avoid getting caught in hot water, you need to have the right amount of protection on your side.

Secure your loved one’s stability long after your death

Are you the sole provider for your family? Do you have any financial plans for your loved ones even after your death? Well, death has no alert or preparation. You never know when you will die, but one thing you can be sure of is that your family’s financial needs will always be there. Do you want your family to live a miserable life after you are long gone? of course not.

If you are in Pomona, CA, THINK Insurance & Financial Services provides you with a life insurance policy that can ensure your family’s stability after your death. We understand the value of family, and that is why we offer you this plan so you can feel satisfied knowing that your children will continue achieving their dreams even after your end.

We offer you different coverage options depending on your needs. Let us look at some of our options.

Term Life Insurance

It is one of the most common life insurance policy. It helps to secure your family’s financial needs but for a temporary period. It can be used to cover funeral expenses, living expenses, school fees, and mortgages but after achieving the set goal and for a specific time, it is terminated.

Permanent Life Insurance

Unlike the term life insurance, permanent life insurance is for a lifetime. It provides financial stability for your family even after all your children have graduated. Sometimes, you may reason and say that what is important is your kid’s education and that is true. But what about your spouse? What if he or she lives for other twenty years after your death? Will they be able to maintain the same lifestyle you had provided before your death?

Well, both the policies are significant depending on your preference. It is just a matter of choice. So, remember, if you are in Pomona, CA, feel free to visit THINK Insurance & Financial Services for more information.

How to Avoid Auto Accidents on Icy Roads

Here at THINK Insurance & Financial Services, serving the greater Pomona, CA area, we see an uptick in auto accidents during the winter months caused by icy roads. Fortunately, icy roads are not as common in this area as they are in other parts of the country. But the roads still can get icy and slick. Here are a few tips on how you can avoid auto accidents on icy roads.

Slow Down

If you are driving on a slick or icy road, slow down! You do not have to go the posted speed limit, and in fact, you should be going at least 5 to 10 miles per hour under the speed limit. Driving too fast on an icy road can cause an accident quickly.

Go Easy on the Brakes

Another tip for avoiding an accident on an icy road is to go easy on the brakes. Pump your brakes, rather than slamming on them, if you need to come to a stop. When you slam on your brakes, you may cause your car to slide. If this happens, it can be hard to stop your car.

Turn Into a Slide

The last tip for avoiding an accident on an icy road is to turn into a slide, rather than opposite the slide. Many people turn their wheel the opposite direction that they are sliding. This causes you to overcorrect and leads to fishtailing. Instead, turn your wheel in the direction you are sliding until you regain control of your car.

Learning how to drive on icy roads can help you avoid an accident, which can help to keep your auto insurance rates low. If you are in the market for a new auto insurance policy or what to compare prices, THINK Insurance & Financial Services, serving the greater Pomona, CA area, would love to help. Call us today to get started with your free quote.

Does Condo Insurance Cover Theft?

Whether your condo in Pomona, CA is on the first floor or the top of a skyscraper, it’s always going to be at risk for theft. Criminals are always looking for the edge when it comes to how they pull off their crimes, and condos can give them a perfect cover. There’s so much happening that it can be easy for them to disguise what they’re doing as something far more legitimate. If you’re concerned about condo insurance, it’s time to find out more from THINK Insurance & Financial Services. We’ll tell you whether it covers theft or not, and how you can protect yourself from thieves of all kinds.

The Long Answer

This may seem like it should have a fast answer, but unfortunately, it’s more complicated than that. The answer is that it depends on whether or not you purchase a policy that will cover personal property. You may only purchase coverage for the actual physical structure. So if your windows are knocked out by a nasty storm, you don’t have to pay to get them replaced. But if the window glass damages your favorite figurine, then you’re on your own to replace that figurine unless you have additional coverage.

Additional Considerations

Condo owners are generally bound by some type of association’s rules, and it’s up to the group to decide exactly what an owner should have to cover their home. So you may be have been under obligation to get some type of personal property consideration on your policy. In addition, condo insurance can even extend to personal property in your car, so if there’s a theft from your car, you’re covered too.

If you live in Pomona, CA and have more questions about condo insurance and theft, call THINK Insurance & Financial Services for a quote!

Health Insurance Vs Life Insurance

There is so much to know about health insurance and life insurance. Let’s take a quick look at both of them, and hopefully, you can see why it is so important to invest in both types of policies.

What is health insurance?

Well, essentially, health insurance helps you stay healthy. It pays for various services received through doctor offices, and even if the total cost is not covered, at least a portion will be. It is of the utmost importance that you realize that not all services are covered. For example, if you are wanting to get a breast augmentation, your health insurance is not going to cover any of the accompanying costs. In fact, almost all types of cosmetic surgeries are not covered by health insurance. This type of insurance, however, will cover things such as being hospitalized due to an infection setting up after a breast augmentation surgery has been performed. The specifics of what are and what are not covered by health insurance can be found in your policy details; this is why it is so important to go over your policy with a qualified agent.

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is not paid out until after the policyholder becomes deceased, whereas health insurance is paid out while the policyholder is still alive. One of the most beneficial aspects of life insurance is that it provides you with peace of mind in knowing you are helping to take care of your beneficiaries after you have passed away. Sure, you may not be gaining anything financially, but you are protecting the future of your loved ones.

To learn more about health insurance and life insurance, please contact THINK Insurance & Financial Services serving the Pomona, CA area.

Renters insurance coverage options

Did you know that even if you live rentals, you can protect you and your belongings? Most people think that insurance is just for persons who live in their compounds or for those who own apartments. But that is not the case. There is so much you need to protect your rental home apart from the building.

Pomona, CA, THINK Insurance & Financial Services will help you understand more about the options you have. You will be shocked how much belonging you own when you start evaluating it. At that point, you will understand what it means to protect property against risks. So, to help you understand more about renters coverage here is a glimpse of some of our renter’s insurance coverage options.

Personal belongings coverage

Do you know how much you own? That is in terms if your clothes, shoes, jewelry, furniture, electronics and other items in your house? Well, we are here to help you. For you to insure all your property, we urge you to list all your items and evaluate them in terms of monetary value. In that way, you will be able to decide how much renters’ insurance you need in case your items get destroyed by fire, hurricanes, storms or even theft.

Liability Coverage

A liability coverage protects you against lawsuits where your neighbors sue you for destroying their property. You may not expect this to happen but what if your kid throws a ball which ends up causing injury to another person or damage to another person’s property? You need to be prepared for such things.

Additional Living expenses

If you live in a rental property, you have a place to call home. But if it were to get destroyed by either fire, storm or any other disaster, you will be left homeless. At that point, you will have to find another place to call home, and that can be very expensive. However, with a renter’s insurance coverage from Pomona, CA, THINK Insurance & Financial Services, you are safe. We help pay for all the additional living expenses as you figure out what next.

Please feel free to contact us in case of any questions.

Tax Preparer Commercial Insurance Options

Pomona, CA tax preparation businesses need to get high-quality commercial insurance to protect themselves. At THINK Insurance & Financial Services, we can give you a guide to the type of policies you need and how they help keep you from severe financial problems.

Liability Is A Key Insurance Type

Tax preparation experts are often under a lot of pressure to get their returns filed correctly. As a result, they make mistakes that cost their clients money. When this occurs, commercial liability insurance can protect them from serious lawsuits. Liability insurance helps cover the costs of defending yourself from lawsuits and even pay part of the damages.

Just how serious can these lawsuits be for a tax preparation expert? A single mistake could cost their clients thousands of dollars or more on their returns. As a result, they could be liable in a million-dollar lawsuit that could put them out of business. With liability insurance, they are protected.

There Are Other Types Of Insurance Available

While commercial insurance for tax experts is primarily based on the responsibility, there are other coverage types available. For example, they can use commercial insurance to protect their business building from severe damage. Repair coverage of this kind is crucial.

They can also use it to cover the costs transportation and vehicle repairs. Other coverage types include omission insurance, compensation, cyber error coverage, and umbrella insurance to cover all your commercial insurance needs. However, the exact nature of a policy’s coverage will vary depending on what type you purchase.

Do You Need Commercial Insurance?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at THINK Insurance & Financial Services if your Pomona, CA tax preparation business needs commercial insurance. We will comprehensively cover you and ensure that you don’t end up losing money if you make a grave mistake.

What to do with a health crisis after hours?

If you have a health crisis after hours, THINK Insurance & Financial Services serving Pomona, CA has some helpful suggestions for how to deal with the matter.

It goes almost without saying if your condition is life threatening, for example, a heart attack, stroke, or severe trauma, you or someone close to you should call 911. EMTs are well trained to evaluate and stabilize you and get you to a trauma center with due speed.

For conditions that are not life threatening, many hospitals maintain urgent care centers that are not only cheaper but have quicker wait times. Nearly all are open seven days a week and until about 9 p.m. or so. Some of the conditions that an urgent care center will be able to treat include conditions like the flu, minor injuries, vomiting, diarrhea, a non-life threating allergic reaction, or a urinary tract infection.

You should check in advance what an urgent care center will treat when they are open, and whether they are in a hospital or other facility that is within your insurance network. Have someone else drive you to the urgent care center if at all possible.

While your health information, such as chronic conditions, medications you are taking, and allergies may be on a computer network, it is always prudent to carry that information with you.

If you are uncertain what to do if you have a health care crisis after hours, many medical practices have an on call physician, Give that person a call, and he or she will be able to tell you what you need to do.

For any questions about this or any other health care insurance relayed subject contact THINK Insurance & Financial Services serving Pomona, CA.