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A gigantic salute to our valuable clients that have joined our Agency!!!  Our goals to is retain your business by providing you the best service, and carrier selection available.   Thank you for your continued Trust!!

Compare California Auto Insurance and Home Insurance Quotes Online

Owning a home and a car in California, means that you must obtain an appropriate insurance policy to protect your assets. Property insurance can cover a variety of different concerns, but the appropriate plan for your home or vehicle can vary. An independent agency like THINK Ins. & Financial Services can help you narrow down the options and find the right homeowners and auto policies for your goals.

Getting a Quote

The first step to finding the right policy is to compare the options that are available. An independent agency like THINK Ins. & Financial Services has online tools that allow you to compare quotes for your car or house.

Online tools allow you to quickly find out the estimated cost of coverage and compare the different plans that are available within your price range. You can compare options for your vehicle, your home or even a bundle of both plans together.

Selecting a Plan

Quotes and an online comparison allow you to quickly narrow down your choices, but you may have a few options that are appropriate. Depending on your goals and concerns, the best plan can vary. That is why an independent agency like THINK Ins. & Financial Services can help.

Talk to an agent to clarify any concerns regarding the policy. Ask questions about the different plans that you are considering, and find out what is covered before you make a final decision. Every policy and insurance company is different, so asking questions can help you find the best option for your goals.

It can seem challenging to find a plan that is appropriate for your personal assets, but an agent can help. With an agency that offers assistance, you can avoid unnecessary hassles and find the plan that is best for your assets.

Auto Insurance

As a driver in California, you are required to carry some auto insurance protection for your vehicle. Depending on your goals and personal concerns, the amount of coverage that you may want for your car can vary. When you work with an independent agency like THINK Ins. & Financial Services, you can find a policy that works for your goals and plans.

Home Insurance

Many people scoff at the idea of having homeowners insurance until they need it most. From natural disasters such as wildfires and mudslides to electrical fires and accidents resulting in structural damage, there’s plenty that could happen to your home that makes having solid coverage worthwhile.

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